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Thank you fords!!!!!!!
And Mike the lad who took it apart . Great lad , well mannered , polite , not some jumped up know it all. Great guy.

But he got it running..

A lot of you know my story but after 7 weeks of testing pulling stuff out etc it turns out that a wire had part burnt out .
What caused the initial STEERING MALFUNCTION the think that might have been from the initial short or earth and just flagged that up as its the only fault that will shut car down after 5 starts . And I mean shut it down!!!
Once we got the car to fords I spent over an hour going over all that I had done at home.

How the wire burnt out looks like the previous owner had done either some of his own wireing in the car or along the fuel pump swap out route . Tell tail signs from what ford showed me.

It was a canbus wire or part of it that when the ignition come on it was cranking over in the end but not firing , this was because when the start button was pushed the canbus was only sending part signal so the ignition was dropping out, fuel pump no priming and not spark.

When they finally found the wiring sequence etc from pcm to comfort mod, to ecu they found 1 wire was only sending 2.6 volt.. Not 9 volt. They tested and traced/ tracked and there was a pink square fuse that had not blown!!! It had blown the spay connector wide open. How I do not know but they think it was the short that earth and was as black as your hat, that in turn was not making the fuse in contact, when on closer inspection it was only arcing across .

So they replaced the fuse, a new spay connector and ignition relay , ( £11.48p ) by passed the canbus wire with a new bit and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It started on the button..😃

So bit of re wiring and fitting of the new bits and I got the call Saturday to pick up.

Total cost of parts £11.48
Total labour £386.12 ( typo )

Again that lad was a top top fella. I've sent an email to fords cos as you know . Know one want to leave there car anywhere to be pulled apart by anyone but I found one of the good guys. He's even solely offer to service it there as a lot so don't trust fords . But this guy might be worth a shout

The money side of it I got to bite the bullet. I had a warranty on the car with rsdirect . but they wanted me to take it to halfords to get it looked at. Yes halfords!! So I opted for fords.. ( the warranty people not rsdirect )

That all said its back home in the garage fighting another day😊

So a HUGE thanks to Steve and Andy on here , plus all the others that helped me with ideas and pdf docs etc
I really appreciate all your efforts guys ..

Stage 4 here I come lol


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Well happy days and thank goodness they found it and repaired it. I'd still give Adrian the bill as that's what warranty is for. If he doesn't want to. Then name and shame everywhere and maybe small claims court as we all know halfords bless them aren't up to the job. Now you can get bck to enjoying your car mate
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