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Welcome to the mountune info page of the forum

mountune are fords chosen tuner for upgrades some are warrantied others are not :
MP mountune performance being warrantied .
MR mountune raceing are not -
(Only limited throught mountune themselves for an amount of time and miles)
Obviously the age of the mk2 warranty isn't an issue

The mp350 carrys its own abi insurance code ,the car is its own vehicle

Ive sampled all levels of tune offered for the mk2 focus Rs so I can give some you input ,but please remember its just my veiw

Prices vary .
I did list them for a while but it would probably be best to contact them directly .
As you may have items installed already your final cost will calculated

In this section you will find lots of QA on subjects we have been asked quite a few times so please do a search first .
But if you have no joy ask away .
listed below are a few facts for those who just like to know stuff

Mountune have had input into several fords over time but yes they have modified the focus

mountune friendly ford dealers
Rates in grays are very mountune friendly

Mountune do service cars with ford parts and
Book stamps with a mountune stamp mmmmmmm

please list youre car if you want to All cars are certificated .I believe in time these cars will command a premium.time will tell....
Still awaiting confirmation of MR420 certs

standard 305ps 0-60 5.6 163mph 440nm 324lb.ft For those who missed out on a rs500 ......the mp350 rocks and the tax is cheaper

MP350...345 bhp 0-60 5.4 0-100 12.2 165mph 460nm 340lb ft

stage 1 ,,,ecu software upgrade ,pro alloy bespoke intercooler,70mm down pipe,mountune airbox ,fuel pump .mountune logo... ,,,,,ford approved mod

stage 1+ cat back. choice of tail pipe tips , uk version with twin rear boxes, euro version single rear box,stainless ,black ceramic,titanuim(miltec sourced)stamped/etched with mountune logo on tips but not on titanium versions

stage,1++ i5 inlet in black or rough cast and 76mm down pipe and sports cat
This increases output to 360ps

MR375...A...370bhp 0-60 5.0 0-100 11.3 165mph 550nm 406lb ft pro dealer and hq only upgrade ....(new certificate)

stage 2
all of the above and recalibration new re/circ dump valve (no more mouse),new fixing bolts to bigger down pipe ,sports car .new mountune raceing badge (much smaller in design flag and a M) IF YOU HAVE THIS DONE AT A PRO DEALER YOUR ECU WILL REQUIRE SENDING TO HQ FOR RECALIBRATION

MR420. turbocharger,injectors,filter, calibration, x4 air box ,start button decal
Torque figure as 375 but moved and extended with
More power!!!!!! (Clutch friendly)

plus rods and Pistons ,breather set
Not essential but if your cars a keeper or after that rebuild
This is by far the smoothest thing next to silk there is
Most that have been rr are giving over mountunes figures

Ive left this info here because it a history point
( MOUNTUNE HAD STOPPED DEVELOMENT OF THIS ) the cars where put through there paces and durability test may( more likely the overall cost sadly )have been the factor behind its demise that and a few top touring car drivers felt it was at its limit for traction on track but one did get made so it got listed as an option

OK it happened MR4XX has been released

New air filter (greenstuff)

There are a few more items in test so when i know more il let you know
bigger boost pipes have been tested they didn't cut the mustard

M666 FRS sold to joyce design new reg plate m666 xxx now running mr420
M500 FRS (no2 rs500)
The white car has had several plate changes now I won't list them or list build date untill I have permission

CLUBSPORT J.Q.K seperate badges Clubsport upgrades.reduced unsprung weight! .clubsport badge
Alcon brake upgrade various colours(make the volvo brakes seem jurassic),,theres also a rear matched set with discs.
suspension :B12 billies and mountune developed eibach springs in Yellow,with new geometry settings
wheels and tyres ,,(the rs is maxed out for traction at mr375 these will improve grip)
clubsport 2 the second batch of billies will be yellow with blue springs
There are two tyre sizes and two different versions of alloys
Oz supers
And oz ultras these newer alloys being part of the clubsport range as they are lighter

Dealer supplied or modified by dealer after purchase Mountune hq modified ,,,, if modded at hq the cars had a start button graphic and keyring If you like list youre other mountune bits.
many of these parts are available seperately includeing ,spoiler, clothes ,mats,keyring locking wheel nuts ,
a new gear gaitor and gear kno b

New stuff on the way is mtune hand held device
Silicon pipes

new start button grafhic for mr375 available to owners

Mr420 also has this too

Are you badged or bare yellow badge club OK AS RS500 ARE CUSTARD CARS(mountunes original babys) I WILL LIST THEM SEPERATELY FROM MP350 JUST TO MAKE THEM A LITTLE MORE EXCLUSIVE

1tub ...... mountune h.q badged mp350+
Lyricalgangster .....galashiels .badged
paulie33uk ...harrisons galashiels .MR375 badge, b .inlet,76mm d/pipe,s/cat, c/ back
Johnyboy ............. mountune h.q badge, b.inlet, cat back.mats.brakes
phil3 ........... harrisons galashiels badgedx2 , cat back,grafhics mr375
Bmac800 .. harrison galashiels badge.wheel nuts, inlet
Thedman ....harrisons , bare
Bryrs ............harrisons, badged,inlet,re-circ valve
Moto ........... mountune h.q, badged front cat back,car cover
rob............jacksons of henley, badge.inlet
crowee......mountune hq,badge
Rattybargo....mountune hq badged front and back
Andy holt.......mountune hq badge , mats
Jon...........mountune hq badged, cat back
jah rs.......mountune hq,badge Warren.....tarnock badged
Rsf dave ....holliways aycliffe, inlet, d/pipe s/cat, cat back ,badge, grafhics
Dicey t ......galashiels.inlet, cat back, grafhics, badges
chalme rs.......harrisons,badge,cat back.wheels
duanne-rs........mountune hq,badge,cat back,mr375
rick rs.......mountune hq badge, mats , indoor cover
Rs jo.......unicars/belgium, badged Johnytheboy...mountune hq, badge
Dodgeruk.....mountune hq badge, cat back.inlet
Markuk..birchwood, badge.wheel nuts
richie01..kempster ford badged
Andy..Tim Norton Motors, badged, UK Cat Back, Inlet.
Lil..mountune, back,b.inlet
David95...holiways newton ayclife, badged.b/grafhics
Matt baxter.mountune hq back
Wyatt earp harrison galashiels ,b.inlet
Brocher. Harrison badge
Josheyb1.archers of ashby.badged.c/back.inlet.s/cat
Kaxe. Mountune hq b.inlet.badged
Rsrog008 tarnocks.badge
PShaeffs.mountune hq.wheels/tyres
Ches99 mountune hq inlet badge
rspete hq,cat back black tips ,alcons,dp inlet,badge
focus jam. ?? badged
WayneRS scan halshaw badge
Thehulkster, holiways badged.
Dazza.tgst. inlet exhaust 3"d/pipe x4 mtune forged
Kev946 , mountune hq Ukgulf hq.inlet.badged
Mbaker.. jacksons,c/back,inlet,ceramic tips
Pezzer ....mountune hq badged
UG RScott ..e/halshaw blackpool,MR d/pipe and bolts ,side grafhics,badged
dustyRS HQ ,b/inlet ,re circ
Rsandy hq badged
LisaFRS Jackson ford badged
Focus Neil kernahay Witney badged
rs tina hq
2011-RS ,


1980bobbyg full monty
Matt black badge
Tony Rs pr04 A K Q

Stage2 list ? MR375 /mr385
duane. Rs
stu (sold)
rs Blinky
mike007 (sold)
Mr group Bry HQ
Bam12 hq badged
FW RS Jackson ford Henley
Matt black
Tony Rs
Dean Hq
DustyRs HQ
Floz HQ badged

Clubsport :j.q.k plus if your running mr375 All.="full house" or monty... j=jack or billies. q=queen or wheels. k=king or brakes. A= ace or mr375 upgrade

Johnyboy A.k.j.q. ......monty
Chalme rs .j.q.k
Dodgeruk A.j.k
Renny A.k.q.j.......monty
Tony Rs AKQ
s1rs . A.j
Daryl A.k.j.q.......monty
Thomsonfc ......monty
DustyRS A .j.k
Mr375 ....monty
Mr420 A J
kerbs A, k,Q

MR375 forged

The mule
Pb not on this forum (now sold to another member on here)

Mr420 forged


Mk3 mp and mr lists pending I will list specs and relevant info when I have it

420 galfin autos car running meth as seen on jay Leno garage show this car is running injectors ,devils own meth and another calibration,,,and sporting a 420 badge
(No longer alone maybe a nice edition of this badge would find its way over????)

triva ,,,il update this from time to time mountune was a sponsor here The original MR375 badge was deliverd the wrong colour yellow . brakes are alcons, springs are eibachs painted yellow and mountune graphics ,exhausts are miltec intercooler is pro alloy(slighly smaller than their other intercooler stamped with fomoco tested to over 400bhp), mr375 produces more power than stated
boost pipes ,coolant and induction all from samco
grafix from joyce design

The original brake upgrade was drilled!!! and calipers from movit

There was an original idea to supply springs only
But that was scrubbed and the damper and spring
Clubsport set up was marketed

There was also an oil cooler which never made production and cooling pack

Also mountune did supply an exspansion tank in ali too ,,quite rare not listed long but it was available (try finding one )
Turbo conversion work done by Owens
Pistons are marle Motorsport items
Rods are Carrillo (these are the best rods in the world end of story )

The big lip rear carbon spoiler was also only listed for a short time rs500 version also stupid rare

Indoor car covers also listed but no longer available direct from mountune
Please feel free to pm me If you have any info you wish to share I will list it for all

There are some custom made items out there ,sanctioned by mountune but only made in small numbers


#‎fordfair - NEWS

Mountune have today confirmed that there will be one further level of performance upgrade level offered to owners of the mk2 Focus RS - working name, C307RSMR4XX

The kit is designed to allow modular upgrade for owners of the award-wining MR375 conversion and MP350 upgrades and replaces several key restrictions in preventing higher power output from the impressive 5-cylinder I5 engine in MR375 form.

"We know our Focus RS customers have been craving a little bit more... we've seen enough cars sporting a number plate starting with a 4, but with global expansion and incredible sales performance of the Fiesta and Focus ST kits, combined with opening our US office, resources had to be prioritised accordingly", mountune's Marketing Manager, David Moore, explains.

"With support for Focus RS on mTune still progressing, the marriage of the two presents a package and feature list that are sure to please existing Focus RS customers and attract new customers alike", he adds.

More details will be revealed as the development program reaches its final stages.

#‎mountune #‎engineereddifference #‎blackandyellow

The mtune hand set DOES NOT do everything the cobbv3 handset does, they share a similar case but do not have the same firmware .
The handset itself still boasts some awesome features but you must be aware it isn't the same

I do try to keep this thread up to date guys n gals
Good times for Christmas
it has arrived

I'm hearing exhausts won't be an issue but intakes ect will be ????
Now does that cover box/filter,cross over pipe ,hard pipes intercooler throttle body ,plenum and inlet
Price on Pistons and rods pending also the breather system
Possibly March on arrival but price a little earlier

Hats off to mountune as this is their 35th year Happy anniversary guys n gals
I remember them in Maldonado all those moons ago

How to fit roll
How to guide for airbox an x4 air intake

Cars an coffee 2016 date pending

So we got a new part this year for the mk2
Symphoser delete available

The mtune has landed finally

There is a breather still in process so it's a waiting game

New m badge squared up on its edges sharper colour yellow paint

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If there is one already cant find one , so my bad

If not please list youre car

Dealer suppied , or modified by dealer after purchase
Mountune hq modified
If you like list youre othermountune bits
Are you badged or bare

1tub. mountune h.q badged exhaust cat back stage1
lyricalgangsteruk mountune galashiels, badged, no further mods yet!!

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Mountuned at HQ plus K&N. Badged with front bumper & start button graphics.

Also the wife wanted a set of their coffee mugs.

Oh & I've got a mountune keyring kicking about somewhere but I assume you all have one of those as mine came free with fitting.

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Mountuned at HQ plus K&N. Badged with front bumper & start button graphics.

Also the wife wanted a set of their coffee mugs.

Oh & I've got a mountune keyring kicking about somewhere but I assume you all have one of those as mine came free with fitting.
I think only h q moddified cars get keyrings il change info if its not the case..the start button grafhic is h q only .
Lol spent too much so missed out one the mugs ,, quality lol

Brake Testing Legend
4,176 Posts
I think only h q moddified cars get keyrings il change info if its not the case..the start button grafhic is h q only .
Lol spent too much so missed out one the mugs ,, quality lol
She wanted 5 sMugs to make a set of 6 with my
mug. The 5 Mountune sMugs only cost a bit more than my
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