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Guys looking for advice concerning what combination of pads and polish compound to use.

Before winter I will be applying UNC-R (which is not exactly ceramic) which I used already with a great success / look on the black rims and have some questions. The manufacturer promises up to 2 years life of this coat and based on the other car I've seen, it looks good not only for durability but for the looks as well.

The car is UG FRS of course :-D.

The UG paint is in quite good condition - almost no swirls visible, no visible damage, quite good shine / reflection.

The black elements though have a little bit more swirls although still it is in very good condition

The car was clayed last year and covered with Fusso99 12months wax which still holds quite well and is refreshed with QD after washes.

I have new DA polisher with 135 mm backing plate, hard, medium and soft flexipads and Manzerna 400 2500 and 4000 series polishing compounds (been using them manually so far).

Now my plan is to:

- secure/cover with masking tape all meshes, air outlets, black rs emblems, plastic non painted elements etc

- polish manually all black elements front grill, wing and rear diffuser with soft pad and Manzerna 2500 then 4000 series. I assume polishing should be done manually as with the DA polisher I will not be able to do it properly due to the pads size and shape of those elements. Plus I would do places around the door handles and part of the front bumper around fog lights.

- using DA polisher for the rest starting with medium pad and Manzerna 2500 series then soft pad with Manzerna 4000 series.

Now some questions and doubts:

1. UG paint seem to be medium/hard but still have a doubt if I should use 2500 not 4000 only ?

2. Piano Black seems to be very soft - should I use SF4000 only ?

3. Any other experiences working with DA polisher and UG paint ?

Any other "dos" "donts" or advices ?
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