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Looking through this part of the forum there are some really good projects people have going on with their cars, hopefully I will be able to get a few things upgraded on mine soon but for now i've just made a start on tidying all the little bits up on my RS that I've noticed in the week I've had it. I picked it up last saturday, (4/04/15) and theres been a few little things that have been bugging me ever since, they are all things i could probably live with but im a bit OCD with things like that so i can't ignore them :laughing: . What started as an early finish at work and having a look at the bonnet catch turned into 2 trips to Halfords and half an hour spent in Hobbycraft :facepalm: (must've seen every possible colour blue ever invented in that shop :l:). Id already been to Halfords the night before to look the paint aswell. Anyway, a mate had also let me borrow his OBD reader to see if anything was stored on my RS & luckily there isn't anything


Next up, the things that were not important but every time i looked at my RS, i saw them straight away as they weren't 'right' :sad:

Faded/cracked badge


And a rusty grill


Thats the 1st trip to Halfords then :eek:riginal:



Took a couple of bits of trim off and had everything i needed to make a start on cleaning stuff up :nice:



Cleaned the grill up as best as i could with wire wool, sandpaper and an air compressor to blow all the :censored: away and then started the painting. Frog tape came in handy & is the best colour for tape too :smile:


Seemed like it took ages to start with as i was looking at them as 'individual little shapes' but then i looked at them as if they were in 'lines of shapes' & it was done in no time 8). Just doing part of 1 grill made a big difference


Nearly there


All done


The only problem now though, the RS badge stood out even more :thumbsdown:


So i had an idea, didn't know if it was any good but off i went to Hobbycraft


Gave it a quick clean to get rid of any oil or stuff to stop the paint sticking


And then got painting :eek: . i took a photo on my phone of the RS badge on the wing so i had a rough idea of what to aim for, Ended up looking through loads of different colour blues & this seemed to be the closest match i could find. I know you can buy the gel inlays for them but a couple of us are probably going into london over the weekend to get some photos of our cars & i wanted it to look its best so time wasn't really on my side. For £1.75 a tin, it was worth a shot at least. I tested it on a small section of the badge 1st just incase i made a lash of it :smile: , then went for it & done the 'R'..... Not a bad match either really,




By now it was dark :facepalm: . So i improvised :smile:


Happy with how it turned out though


I didn't get any photo's of the next bit as my phone went flat from using it as a torch but the scuttle panel below the windscreen was faded black/grey so i had a look at how to take that off but then saw the windscreen wiper arms looked a bit tired so while they were off, i might aswell do something about those too so back to Halfords for some paint, in a rattle can this time though. Wasn't really sure if they should be matt black or satin black, went for satin though. If it doesnt look right it shouldnt be too hard to change it :) .

Can't really see but they looked a bit iffy


Cleaned them up and sanded them off though, can sort of see the difference between the 2 in this pic.


Everything that came off either got cleaned up or cleaned/sanded and ready to paint. Including the little clips :blush: IMG_7050.jpg

Ill need to clean out under the windscreen tomorow now, it was gone 10pm by the time id got to this point :facepalm:. surprising how much dirt and spiders were stashed away in there :eek:


Passenger side was cleaner though


For now, its still in pieces :cry:


Hopefully when i pull the tape off from around the grill i haven't made a lash of it & its all stayed on the car & where it should be :laughing:. Painting using a phone as a torch wasn't my best idea but it cant look worse than it did.....can it? :laughing:.


Next job is to get the wiper arms sprayed, scuttle panel sorted with some trim rejuvenator and make a start on cleaning up the engine bay itself. Not sure how far i will get this weekend, depends if/when i go out and what the weather is like. Should at least get the bits back on the car that are sitting in the garage now though :)

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Good work mate. Although after looking at your photos I've just sent away my front end to get re painted as the grills wear looking rusty, yet I have that paint in the house and was tempted but thought it would be a stupid idea. How wrong I was... Looks great and wish I done the same to save some pennies!

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Nice work mate! You've also got me wondering what's under the scuttle panel now... :)
Are you working your way round the car? If so, have a look under the rear light units, you can get a lot of crud building up under those too! There was a thread on it somewhere not so long ago; i'm on my iPhone at the moment so not able to copy the link to it...
Enjoy the RS!

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Good work! :thumbsup:

With the RS badge, i'd get back down to Hobbycraft & put a layer of clearcoat over the top to seal it otherwise it will start to come away when wet. :nice:

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Thanks everyone :thumbsup: . tbh i didnt think what i've done work either :laughing: . Its not perfect as ive had a better look today and theres a few edges on some of the little sections in the grill but for about £20-£25 & an hour or 2 im happy with it :yep:. i might go over them another time but if you look at them close up for too long your eyes start going funny :laughing:. ill have to go back to Hobbycraft & get those couple of bits that Burger & Gareth have said about :nice: . Even if it lasts 6 months its done its job. The grill was just starting to leave rusty streaks down the paint so ill have to keep an eye on it, hopefully this has sorted it though

Thanks for the tip with the rear lights aswell Pete, i had seen that when i was looking through stuff on here to get an idea of what to look for on these cars :nice: . Thats part of the reason i ended up taking the scuttle panel off too, just to see what was hiding in there. That was probably the hardest bit to do but thats more down to me not knowing how it came off. After taking the little gripper clips & wipers off i thought thought it would pull down (sort of towards the front bumper if that makes sense) you have to pull it straight up though as theres another metal strip that goes along the bottom of the windscreen and the trim clips into that. i ended taking the whole lot off anyway as the metal strip was full of dirt/mud/gritty stuff and wouldn't go back on anyway. Gave me the chance to clean the bottom of the windscreen too, just had to be careful as there were 2 copper coloured metal strips connected to wires (1 each end so I'm guessing its to do with the heated windscreen) stuffed down in the gap. There is another bit of trim i was going to take out but i just cleaned it up with it in place as the the symposer thing goes through it (think thats what its called anyway :laughing: . Its the S shaped hose that goes across to the left hand side of the plenum?). While i was spraying some bits up i took the time to order a bry short shifter too :smile: . There was a load of **** in the back of the ford badge/bonnet lock cover so i cleaned that out aswell, got rid of the years of road dirt and grease around the bonnet catch and lock too which was hiding under the plastic cover at the front :nice:

Ive got a few more pics of it all going back together, while i was spraying some bits up i took the time to order a bry short shifter too :smile: .

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Few more pics, you can see how faded the scuttle panel was here-


Im glad i took it off as it was much easier to clean up and treat it without having to lean over the car & risk damaging it. I used Hubi Trim from Hubikote


This 50/50 pic really shows how bad it was :l:


Much better :yep:


Who knew bird feeders could be so handy when it comes to painting windscreen wiper arms :thumbsup:



They didn't seem to bothered either


Done the nuts,washers & trim clips too. Little things that you dont really see but they were off anyway and i was bored waiting for the other bits to dry



Took the tape off next to see how much paint i'd got on the bumper :facepalm: . luckily there was only a small bit which came off easily enough


The other bit of trim that i just cleaned up, didnt get any pics of that afterwards though



A bit manky around the lock and behind the black plastic


Cleaned up nicely though, cant get the dirt out from the corners so might have a go with a steam cleaner some time but its alright for now



Managed to get some trim restorer on the black bit of the RS badge too so now it looks like new...ish


Under the bonnet wasn't too bad


Still got cleaned though


Painted the 2 screws that hold the badge on too, wont ever see them but they looked rusty so got done anyway


Even had a little helper, he likes to see whats going on/ get in the way :laughing:


All back together & looks much better than it did. Really surprised how a few little bits have made such a difference :)


Didn't get time to get the rear lights out this weekend, hopefully i can get some caliper/engine paint for next weekend so i can do the next bit of getting everything tidied up to how i want it :nice:

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Would not expect a car of 5 -6 years of age to have bit rusting on it
Lol I've seen rust starting on many modern cars in under a year, if you spend anytime underneath motors you'd be shocked. Granted a lot of it is rust staining from dissimilar metals around the contact points.

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Not sure whether its true or not but i read somewhere the paint gets chipped (stone chips i guess) and then water gets behind the paint. Makes sense if it is that as the rust was mainly along the bottom and where ive washed it thats where all the water sits before i dry it so if its rained it must sit there until it dries, my car has spent its life in wales so its probably seen a lot of that :lol:

Dropped it off back where i got it from as the bonnet kept saying it was open (the reason this started getting cleaned) & they are replacing the bonnet catch, getting that done on saturday morning so doubt ill have time to get the other bits painted that i want to do before santa pod on sunday :sad:

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Got a bit more done after work this week :thumbsup:

managed to make a start with cleaning it, think i started wednesday :laughing:

1st up, Washed it to get any dirt off it & then put tar remover all round the car. Never used this stuff before but it was really good :nice:



washed it again to get any of the tar remover off if i had missed any when i wiped it down. You could feel how rough the paint was so it got clayed, started off with a brand new clay bar


This all came off from the small patch on the rear bumper that you can see on this pic, not even as far round as the reverse sensor :blink:



it sounded and felt horrible and i ended up going off and getting some more clay as it had ruined this packet :facepalm: . this bit is not even from a quarter of the roof


washed it again to get any of the detailing spray id been using off so it didn't go all streaky where it had dried, all ready looked much better and the metallic paint was really shining through properly for the 1st time. I was surprised how gold it was 8)




Back away for the night looking much better :)



Used this stuff from 50cal detailing next, really easy to use and left a good finish too



Onto the next bit :) couldnt do 1 without the other



The colour was really starting to come out now :DDance:


Went round all the trim pieces with the trim restorer/protector


its not until you start brightening other things up you notice how faded the other bits look :laughing:


Next up was the wax, i used Vitreo from wax addict. its really good stuff and smells nice too so always a winner :facepalm:






Started getting dark (another later night :smile: ) so the photos didnt really come out, still looks really shiny though so im happy :laughing:




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Had to drop in to the garage where i bought it from as they replaced the bonnet catch for me this morning (they had a nice classic escort in the showroom too, its got most, if not all the receipts and bills from new apparently :shocked: ) the postman had been and delivered this-


i wasnt 100% sure when i ordered it as i couldn't really tell what it was like from the photo/colour board. when i opened it though i was 100% sure on it :mf_dribble:




Had to go and see what it would look like against the green :DDance:


Washed it again after id used it today, i used britemax cleanmax car shampoo as ive used it before and its really good stuff again, to get rid of anything that might be on it so i could carry on with the other bits i wanted to do. Before i started the water would just stick to it and not run off, not any more :nice:


went round all the glass/mirrors with this stuff. never used it before either but it didnt leave streaky bits or lines when it was wiped off.


Then put angelwax H2GO rain repellant on all the windows :)




finished the paintwork off with madcow detailing spray, all the stuff i have used from them before has been brilliant. this was great too and smells like parma violets :yep:








its taken a lot longer than i thought it would but im really happy with how its turned out :DDance:. only thing left to do properly is the interior and the wheels. i wanted to get the outside done though for the santa pod event so it looks as good as some of the other RS's ive seen photos of :) . i can do the interior if it rains next week and ill sort the wheels out properly when im waiting for the caliper paint to dry. Hopefully that will happen next weekend :bye:
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