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I am genuinely saddened to read of the passing of Michel - a truly inspiring engineer and fabricator. If you haven't followed his thread on his car, you really have been missing out... On every visit to the forum, I am pleased to see his thread pop-up on the new content list - but not this time...

Anyway, I'm sure I won't be alone in thinking of a fitting tribute despite never having met the man, although he did offer for me to visit him when I was next in Toulouse. I'm am really sad now that I realise I have been unable to take up his offer.

I'm thinking of something that was done in a previous forum I frequented, a well know member had an "in memory of" sticker made. His call sign was quack-quack Jack, so he had a duck... You still see many MINI's sporting this sticker, and his memory lives on...

So, does anyone think this a good idea and could take up the mantle of drawing up a design? Even better would be for any sales to go to a relevant charity... Unfortuntely it's not something I have the skills to do... but I would love to carry one on my RS when I visit France later in the year...

What we sayin' folks?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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