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well I bought is on the 30/09/15 as a present to the girlfriend but also cause I got a wage rise

she was owned by" the azzurri " Alberto

all I can say is what a car

there are a few little things to make her perfect

the before pics and during pictures will be added as I go

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Land vehicle

Wheel Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Light

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Land vehicle

the day it arrived I noticed a few problems

wheels needing refurbed

new tyres needed

a few bits of paint sorted

calipers needing painted

so a couple of days later the boss says I can do the work on the car

so I fitted 4 new tyres and had wheels refurbed and painted the calipers

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Locking hubs Tread

more to come .......


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That's all the Bluetooth sorted

Gave it a large service as well
Oil+oil filer , new plugs , coolant change , brake fluid change , gear oil change

Next things on the list
Allot radiator
New carbon vents
Green boost hoses
Green coolant hoses
Bigger turbo
Fully forge engine
Multi angle valves
Newman cams
Bigger fuel pump
Bigger injectors
Large alloy boost pipe under the sump
New alloy boost pipe for the one above the rocker over
Then another map

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New SMD rear number plate lights fitted
New Carbon vents
Repainted all mesh grilles and cleaned and painted the intercooler
Coolant change
Rear drop link changed
New aux belts and tensioners
Brake fluid change
Cars running great
Time to save and have fun buying bits for more power
Laura love it as her daily drive
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