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OK, so I'm thinking of a new speed camera detector (the GPS type). I've previously used Origin (B2, Pogo) products, but they have now been taken over by Road Angel.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the best type, and especially which integrates best with the RS? Hardwired would be good (and some ideas on how). I loved the hardwired Origin B2 in my MINI.

I currently run a Inforad V4e in the car, and an Inforad M1 on my bike. The bike one is ace, but the V4e has a poor battery life, so I have to run a lead to the cigarette lighter and it has no mounting solutions... although you can't argue with the prices...

I quite like the look of the newest Road Angel...

Please don't enter into any discusions about laser detection (pointless), legalities or their use in Switzerland / France...
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