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Hi Zack and glad you found a MK3; the El Camino gone?

I have your car and if there is anything that goes with the MR375 I'd be interested. Think the badge has gone though but let me know as I'm unsure on what original MR375 came with
Hey, seen your posts on here. I hope the RS is treating you well. I missed it enough to get another.

I have everything pictured still. The MR badge is the one that I took off the Mk2 to replace with the newer 'straight' style one which I don't remember if I sold with the car or separately... Who I sold it to got a steal. I was stupidly in a rush to sell (for the El Camino) and ended up giving away the seat covers, standard cat, disklok and accessories, original set of wheels and tyres, and a bunch of other bits like all the standard parts I had. Kicking myself still to this day.

Still got the El Camino but looking to sell.
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