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As per the title, I'm sick of not actually knowing what the hell is going on with my engine thanks to the OEM top pod gauges giving ludicrous guesses, so, I started collecting parts at Ford Fair and got everything installed last week.





So, housed in my Little Devils top pod, I now have (left to right)

Innovate DB-2 AFR Gauge
Innovate MTX-D Digital Boost Gauge / Shift Light
Spa Design Oil Pressure & Temperature Gauge.

All three gauges now have a physical data feed from a real world sensor!

AFR wideband o2 sensor is fit on the cat side of the downpipe/cat join.
Boost gauge takes a vacuum feed from the vacuum line under the engine cover (near the cam cogs)
Oil temperature and pressure have physical senders in the oil flow.

Result? Much more accurate data.

Differences I've noticed

Boost (Standard map)
OEM Gauge - Peaked at what looked like 1.4-1.5bar
MTX-D Gauge - Peaks around 1.2bar

Oil Pressure
Surprisingly accurate. Although I have seen pressure higher than the 5bar that the OEM gauge goes too

Oil Temperature
Well, mine just seemed to go up for fun. After a spirited drive, I'd see 100+ (sometimes around 110) on the OEM
Same routes / driving style, I've never seen higher than 98 on the Spa gauge.

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Nice work Michael! Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how easy it would be to convert the existing gauges to read actual data and be connected to sensors? If this was something I would consider having done (and it's not at the moment!) it would be in keeping with the OEM look.

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I never really take much notice of mine to be honest .
I never did until I went out on track, then looked over and seen that my oil temperature was at "115+" (apparently), and was alarmed by how it managed to get that "high" without me noticing, something had to be done.

Both the Innovate boost and Spa Oil gauges have built in alarms.
So monitoring my boost, I've seen about 1.3bar max, so I've set the overboost warning to 1.5
Oil temperature, the gauge flashes blue for anything below 60 degrees, solid green between 60.1degrees and 109.9 degrees, then flashes red for 110 degrees and above
Similar deal with pressure, my HOT idle pressure is about 2bar, so anything below 1.85 bar, the gauge flashes red, anything above 7bar, the gauge flashes red.

With these alarms, its a lot easier to know whats going on with the car at any given moment just by looking at the colours out of the corner of your eye.
And if you want even more information, the digital numbers are far larger than the dials.

Fair play for having accurate instruments that do the job you require. :yep:

Not too keen on each one being a different colour / style & the red button though. :blush:
They all serve a purpose.
I did originally wanted 3 identical Defi gauges. But after researching, I chose each gauge on its merits and the features I wanted (the alarm LED / flashing was key!)
So although the gauges are different, they are all class leaders in their respective fields. So in this instance, its function over form.
The button is there to configure the gauge, but also recall the peak pressure and temperature since last reset. Again, good for track

Did your afr gauge come with exhaust down pipe temp sensor as well ?
Yep, cause with the wideband o2 sensor and the threaded bung to be welded into the exhaust (just after the join between the downpipe and the cat section on the cat side)

Looks good Michael. You keeping your owm guages?
I am sorry mate.
Don't fancy having the trouble of saucing an RS top pod when/if it comes to selling up as the gauges will be coming with me.

Nice work Michael! Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how easy it would be to convert the existing gauges to read actual data and be connected to sensors? If this was something I would consider having done (and it's not at the moment!) it would be in keeping with the OEM look.
As far as I'm aware, its not possible.
I did look into it and didn't get very far as its all related to the canbus network that the car runs on.
I think something like syvecs would be your closest bet but i don't know the specifics of the system.
And even if it was possible, additional hardware would be necessary! (such as a MAP sensor specific to the boost gauge, oil temperature probe and oil pressure sender)

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I didn't think it would be particularly easy, thanks for the reply anyway! Whilst I like the idea of it I think I can make do without it.
Canbus complicates things massively.

For example, my boost gauge also acts as a shift light. Its configurable so that the gauge flashes when its time to shift.

Normally you could take the tach/rpm signal from the injectors or have a direct feed into the instrument cluster. But the RS does this all via the CAN network. So you'd need a £110 adapter just to get the shift light function to work. and that's a lot of money just for some flashing :eek: So I think that'll ahve to wait until I go for a boost controller (which I'd need the can adaptor for anyway).

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I've gone down the Little Devil route as well.
Loving the true readings :nice:
I went for AFR (wideband O2 sensor) Boost and Oil temp.
I had to go for the Little Devils top pod.
I don't like the idea of either a) fill up all my vents or b) having an A-pillar full of gauges

I don't like the idea of duplication either. Having the OEM gauges in places as well as the aftermarket gauges. So the OEM had to go, and LD pod was the best option.

I've seen your post before, and was one of the many convincing factors I needed that it was the right way to go! :thumbsup: And I know what you mean about wires, they're everywhere!
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