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yeah but 170 quid is a lot of money for five plugs Gaz 😂

my above post (edited) might have sounded like a dig at the ST plugs but I was thinking more about a discussion on the forum about the plugs a while ago, I think people were disappointed about the original rs plugs going obsolete as it were 😉
Agreed £170 is shocking!

Knew what you were getting at Jim. (y)

If people already have plugs they've bought, put them in yourselves, it's really not rocket science to do! ;)

It may be a placebo effect but my car seems to run better on cold start but defo 5 mpg better, I wouldn't go back to the original plug personally & whatever people think of Ford, they wouldn't say the ST plug is suitable if it wasn't, they sort of know what they're doing! 😁 (can't say the same some dealers)! 😂
1 - 2 of 21 Posts