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Hey all,

Owned my RS 10 years today :D

And it's this time of year it goes into Ford for its annual service - it has had a full Ford service history in my time with timing belt done by mountune in 2019 when getting the car forged.

I take it to a TrustFord centre just outside Belfast - the main reason I take it there as I am friends with one of the techs and I knew it was in good hands and he got me friends and family discount on the work carried out.

My friend has since left but I still take the car there as I've never had any issues with them servicing it...until now.

I rang up this week to book it in, was told it's a major service as spark plugs required and I also went for the aircon refresh as it make the car smell new again at £34.

So oil, filter, pollen filter, spark plugs and aircon refresh....£670 :eek:

Asked if that was correct and was told yes, I then asked what it was without the spark plugs....£500 :eek:

Surely this can't be right? I know inflation is high but surely a standard service isn't £500 these days for our cars?

Any replies/experiences from others appreciated.

£170 for spark plugs!!! are they hand made, lol. If you take the £34 from the aircon service, at £466 it is not that bad in this current climate of price rises.
But £170 for plugs, they definitely took your pants down and gave you a slap on the ass.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts