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With our order in for the new Mk3 RS, we decided to cash in on our Mk2 RS we've had from new. The Mk2 has been a pleasure to own, and after 6 years and 46,000 miles we sold out hassle free for a residual value equivalent to approx 75% of the new price. Not bad!

Anyway in need of a runaround for the next few months, we've turned to the car I've had sat in my parents garage for the last 4 years. The car had not been started in that time and I was rather nervous about what might need attention to get back on the road.

With the help of a jump pack the car started first time and drove, although idle was a little rough. Anyway after a good service the next day and sailing through an MOT the following day, were now back on the road.

Within a few miles I quickly remembered why I kept (and will always keep) the car, I'm not sure to this day I've had a car that inspires so much confidence when cornering - its literally like its glued to the road. I suspect the tiny size of the car also makes things feel quicker, but oh what fun.

Now after a polish its also looking good again.

Anyway, here the car is my Moonstone Blue 106 Gti - I reckon it will soon be rarer than a Nitrous Blue Mk3 RS!

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