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As stated above RS Combe this year is on Saturday 2nd of July. All tickets and stand passes will be sent to you direct from the organisers so everyone has to book their own ticket and stand pass through the RS Combe website. then go to Bookings - Club bookings - All other groups - FOCUS RSOC
Then further down add car and driver and a bit further down you can add additional passengers

Let me know on here when you have booked and I will get a list going.

Also do people still want to meet and convoy in from Morrison’s near by ? I am happy to meet there like normal but if you want to meet at the circuit then that is fine as you will already have your stand pass so there is no need to meet beforehand if you don’t want to.


1. Rusty FW Mk2
2. @torquewrench
3. @748steve NB Mk3
4. @Mark rs UG Mk2
5. @evoman666 UG Mk2
6. @trains125 NB Mk3
7. @Silverback Black Mk2
8. @Mr Angry PB Mk2
9. @checkmate91 PB Mk2
10. @rsdude UG Mk2
11. @andyholt1 PB Mk2
12. @jim o b UG Mk2
13. @Jim Neil
14. @Dave276 PB Mk2
15. @UK jon NB Mk3
16. @Rob hobbs FW Mk3
17. @Radbourne78 FW Mk2
18. @Topcatrs2000 NB Mk3
19. Jack + Dad UG Mk2
20. @Robroy MG Mk3
21. @J4yseRS NB Mk3
1 - 20 of 119 Posts