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OK Lads and Lassies

Sitech Racing have kindly offered to hold a Rolling Road / BBQ event for us with a Show & Shine with a nice prize from AutoSmart
Sitech Racing
Leadside Dept
KY12 0RS

Convoy from the Showcase at 8am.... for those coming from the west..

Rolling Road will be £40 for three pulls and a print out (up to 35 cars)

Saturday 17th June 2017 (9am-5pm - although may finish early depending on weather and amount of cars we have for the Dyno) This event will be our Monthly meet up.

Please put your name down and me know what you'd like to do
RR - Rolling Road
SS - Show n Shine
RR/SS - Both
TUC - Turn up and talk Cars

The List

Rolling Road

@alienp1mp RR
@mooreyy92 RR
@Gordo_C RR
@Broxi1974 RR
@the azzurri RR
@Jason McIntosh RR
@hulkrs RR
@s66anb RR
@Mudslinger RR
@craigc34 RR
@JS1873 RR
@neily1414 RR - Spring broke, may not be there...
@rcaira90 RR
@Eoin RR

@RhysfindlayRS RR

Here for the social side / Turn Up and talk Cars / eat food

@bandit1 TUC
@Buck TUC
@kewlguy98 TUC
@krupauk TUC
@legs TUC
@Cruickie TUC (although I've a feeling Ian's :rs: is in bits , anybody know?)
The BK, The Legend, the green genie, Kermit the hulk, mr premium hyper hatch.. TUC

@v0mit_c0met working so wont be here to win show n shine....... (Gives everybody else a chance....)
@[member="R5 5KOT"] want to do judging for show n shine?

Also is anybody any good with a BBQ? as Simon mentioned at Knockhill live that he has a BBQ but we need to find somebody to use it, I'm thinking we just get a mcdonals lol...


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@alienp1mp might be worth sticking Si's new address down in the post mate as some might not know he's moved premises from where we used to hold the meets in Rosyth

Great work mate we had some fantastic days at Simons old place the RR show and shine meets were great
Grant from autosmart is a good mate of mine and gives out some great prises and fantastic deals on the day
1 - 20 of 171 Posts
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