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I did this a while ago but I recently helped someone do their brakes so I thought I'd share this. When I decided to do mine I obviously went to YouTube for my research but found that every video I watched the person never in my opinion prepared the calliper a properly to insure good paint finish and adhesion, the last thing I want is for the paint to peel after a couple of months.

There's only 4 things you need,

Wonder wheels (that very acidic wheel cleaner)
Hose pipe (to rinse acid from any splashing)
A corded drill
Wire drill attachments
Automotive tire Tire Font Rim Circle


Basically you brush on the acid to cover the area to be cleaned and leave to work for a couple of minutes. Then using the drill and attachments, being careful to avoid rubber parts and wires, grind the crud away to reveal the clean and bare metal beneath. You may need to use the hose to rinse off the calliper or body work if the acid splashes off (very rare thankfully)


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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