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Hi guys I'm usually on the other forum but thought I'd have a look over here, I'm hoping I can get my pennies sorted for next time I change my car and then order the new RS?

I've had a couple of Fords in the past but had other metal as well and then recently come back to Ford. In 2006 I bought an ST2 in performance blue and loved it but I only kept it for a year due to baby no1. And now recently come back to Ford in a mk3 frozen white ST2 which was 2.5 years ago. I've since traded that in and in July took delivery of a loaded up ST3 in Race red. Unfortunately between them mk3 ST I had another Race red ST3 but it only lasted 9 days. Some xxob jockey in an Audi Q7 took a liking to my new ST and thought he'd mod it for me!! It got wrote off with 386 miles on the clock

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Plant

So my new one is awesome and I've got a bit of time to save up for the RS

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Grille

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

And my previous white mk3 and PB mk2

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

Tire Vehicle Wheel Car Land vehicle


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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