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Hello guys. Picked up my UG rs in October last year and only just getting round to joining the club. This is the only car I have ever named and call it her instead of it! I love this car to bits. The fact ive had it longer than 6 months is testament to this! tend to keep a car for around 6 months and sell them on. I bought Chantelle with 21,000 miles and one previous owner. Shes at 35,000 miles now. Lux 1 and 2 with the black recaros. First mod was K&N group A filter and lower engine mount followed by a KMS thunderstorm cat back and a miltek de-cat with a quick shift. Ran this for a while but decided I needed more grunt so after having her for about 6 months it was off to sitech for stage 4. She has a radtec intercooler, miltek downpipe, turbosmart recirc valve, 650cc injectors, as inlet plenum and revo software. She pulls like an absolute train now! Faster car I've ever owned and would annihilate the Porsche Cayman S I traded in for her. She was just fitted with an immobiliser and tracker last week.

The clutch is on its way out I think. Very high bite point and vague especially when cold. No slipping though! Although I have read on here about pumping the clutch 10 times slowly and seems to help but to be honest I'll prep for the worst and read reviews on what's the best clutch option from the members on here.

When cornering she judders like mad with slight power like you get when you pull away and spin up. Front tyres are on the limit and new super sports are on order. A shock has failed also and this is due to be changed when I'm home so here's hoping this will cure that issue. The steering rack has also been in and been refurbished.

Current plans aren't major very happy with how she is. Looking at getting all the belts changed during the winter for my own piece of mind I know there are every 10 years or 125,000 miles. next up will be brakes but unsure wither or not to go big brake kit or just get tarox discs with ferrodo ds2500 pads. The wheels need refurbished but keeping them the standard colour. At some point I'll be changing the standard speakers as they are awful!

If a clutch change is needed I might think of going big power but only time will tell. I have looked at other cars (M3, C63 AMG) but I know they will just bore me after 6 months and ill regret selling Chantelle. I have always been fast ford daft and the only thing that may temp me away from my MK2 is the new MK3!

Well that's my story so far guys :)

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