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Thought it may be of interest to some on here, this may become my daily (on no salt dry days) for a while why I wait for my RS as I have just sold my Megane 250.

I got the car in October 2013 and a week after that the work started, including lots of phone calls ordering bits.

list so far is

Safety Devices 6 point bolt in cage

Bimarco Futura bucket seats

Bimarco Aluminium side mounts

Pair of 6 point Sabelt harnesses

Oreca 330mm steering wheel

Flocked dash upper and lower, A pillars, steering cowl, handbrake and gear surround and door handles

15inch Pro Race 1.2 in anthracite with 205/50/15 Federal 595RSR tyres

K-tec ultra supersport cat back exhaust

ITG Maxogen induction kit

PMS Gear linkage

PMS strut brace and top mounts

Cooksport springs

New front shocks

Braided hoses and fluid change

coolant change

Carbon Fibre door cards

Whiteline ARB

wheel stud conversion


Second set of 15" Pro Race 1.2 wheels in white with some Dunlop DZ03G tyres

possibly a roof vent

The day I got the car looks nice and standard


parcels started to arrive



first job was to tidy the engine bay up





had a week off work so started removing the interior and preparing the areas that needed welding for the cage by removing all the paint and spraying with a weld primer to stop rust, also removed all the tar from the floor, was not as hard as I expected just heat gun and scraper and WD40 to clean the area afterwards and it came up well.





I decided I did not like the plastic dash so out it all came and was taken to be flocked, I also chopped the glovebox door down a bit so I can still use it with the cage and after flocking I looks like it is supposed to be there





once I had the cage fitted I then decided the inside of the car looked :censored: so masked everything off and sprayed the interior, I was to idle to take the rear cage back out.



first attempt looked good but thought it may be a bit too bright inside the car on a sunny day (not that we get that many here lol)



Second attempt and I am pleased with the results.



Once the dash came back got all that fitted along with the seats, harnesses and steering wheel





next job was the dogbone mount

glad I borrowed a gear puller off my mate as the rubber bushings would have been a pain to get out.




Then did the front brakes discs and pads and tidied them up a bit



My tyres turned up so when and had them fitted to my new wheels then got them on the car



Then decided as I had cruise control I may as well use it so made a carbon plate to mount the switches to



Got the Pure Motorsport gear linkage fitted, changed the coolant and fitted some braided brake hoses and new fluid.


I have had a set of Cooksport springs for a while but finally fitted them the other day along with new front shocks (will replace the rear shocks later on) and also fitted the PMS strut brace and top mounts, it is sitting so much better now just need to fit the camber bolts and get the geo set up.

sorry about the iphone pics it was getting dark




I decided the car looked to plain so got the mirror caps, front diamond and side bullets off and sprayed them flourescent orange and painted the rear diamond gloss black, also fitted some aerocatches.









Next job was fit the carbon fibre door cards front and rear and fuel pump cover and handle spacers




I attempted to make some fibreglass brake ducts which turned out to be a disaster lol, so I ended up using some air feed trumpets and tbh I am pleased with the results.



I have tidied all the wires up in the rear so the drivers side are all fed in between the panels and the passenger side is all nice and tidy inside some tubing



I decided to refresh the steering so I fitted new Genuine inner tie rods, Lemforder TRE and lower ball joints

Changed the engine oil and gearbox oil and the front calipers have had a refurb and colour has now changed to black


I got a ITG induction kit (you can never have too much carbon fibre)


The car has also had a detail as I got a new DA and it needed sorting as I have put some scratches on it from building it over the winter, I also removed the rear badges and replaced it with a Renault sport gel overlay badge.

it was washed and clayed then had a good going over with some Meguires 105 and 205 with orange and white hexlogic pads it has totally transformed the car (I am pleased as it is the first time I have machine polished)







Decided to remover the rear wiper makes the back end look so much better, what a ba***rd to get off though.




Fitted a whiteline ARB


After using the car on track I found the common problem of wheel bolts working loose after each session, so to solve this I got a wheel stud conversion in high tensile steel studs, longer studs at the front to accommodate spacers.




and a few pictures of it being used what it was build for.




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I got a little fed up of looking at the rev counter so fitted a sequential shift light


I got a second set of wheels and run Dunlop Direzza tyres which are fantastic, so keeping the Federal RSR's for road and wet day driving.


after using them I decided I wanted it to stand out a bit more so the Grey wheels were painted Orange, so it is white for wet and road and orange for dry track now.



Next on the list was to fit a SPA oil temp and pressure gauge as I was not sure what temps I was running.


Next job was to sort the cat out, Renault decided to fit a **** joint which made the cat sag slightly and also leaked and it reduced down to 1.75inch on the inlet so chopped that off and welded a 2.5inch pipe onto the end so it matches the diametre of the cat back.



Next job to fit a oil cooler, most people just fit them below the crash bar but this leaves the pipes or cooler (depending which way it is mounted) low to the floor and any trips across the grass would worry me.

So I decided to mount it with the pipes coming up through the crash bar and also did a little painting to make it look better.









While I was doing the cooler I fitted a roof vent, it took me two days of measuring to be sure it was in the right place before taking a drill to the roof but it is a fantastic mod and very nice on hot days.




The headlights have bugged me for a while now with them turning a little yellow and scratches so gave them a sand and polished them up, they are not purfect but much better.





And I also gave the car another machine polish as the cover had left some faint surface scratches on it from being in the garage.




A couple of photos from Bedford with @craigy982 in the passenger seat




and one ****ing a rear wheel


A few videos of me on track

First time my Dad came out in the car and it was damp and cold semi slick tyres :laughing:

A BMW at Donington would not let me past he ran out of talent in the end trying to keep me behind.




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:censored: hell Mark, even though I've been in it I never realised how much you've done to it. £££££££ :facepalm: .

Wicked car though and I gotta say lads he's a wicked driver, really impressed me................. Still bust ya ass on a bike though :yep: lol

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Yeah spent a fortune, I did have more plans for it over the winter but funds are now in the :rs: pot :thumbsup:

You always kicked my ass on a bike and I was never brave enough to take my bike on the track

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Nice build thread Mark, I am jealous! Would love to have a dedicated small hatch to use on the track, one day... 8) Some good driving there, you could see the Beemer driver was a little out of his depth, that spin was only a matter of time. It's a shame that some people feel like they've got something to prove out on track, and it generally ends in tears! The same happens on the road too I suppose... :whistle: :facepalm:

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It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who won't move over on track because they perceive themselves as having the quicker car.

Can guarantee that on every track day there will be someone in an m3 or caterham that doesn't want to be passed by a 1.5 tonne hatch back.

I have the same philosophy as you, if there is someone in my rear view mirror they must be quicker than me somewhere on the lap so I'll move over and let them by :)

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For me it always seems to be Merc's and BMW's they do not like a little French car going faster than them, they go so slow through the corners and then nail it on the straights so I can't get past.

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I have not done a lot to the car recently but over the last month or so I have been getting it ready for summer.
I had a PMS AC delete kit for about 2 years stuck on the shelf so I decided it was time to get it on the car and while I was at it fit the aluminium radiator that I have had for about a year I also got some silicone coolant hoses in grey as orange ones were a silly price.
While the front end of the car was in pieces it gave me a good opportunity to fit the remote mounting for the oil pressure gauge again I have had this about a year lol

I was getting a little bored so decided I was going to repaint the front badge, the splitter and the scuttle panel, inlet, engine mounts (I had painted the rocker cover a few months before so that did not need doing) then I ordered a orange tow strap and some CM Composite cannards, I know they are not to everyones taste but I thought they would look good.
When the cannards came I was a little disappointed as they were not what I was expecting but I decided I was going to make them better.
First job was to trim down the larger ones as IMO they were just too wide and as they are just flat I put a small curve into them so they look more like they are supposed to be there.
once they were dry fitted I painted them did not just want them black so I painted the underside orange so the colour theme flowed but also added a pinstrip of orange around the outer edge then the rest was painted gloss black and a black Renault Sport sticker added before clearing.
I am really pleased with the way they have come out, I also binned the supplied silver rivets and got some black ones so nothing looked out of place.
While I was in a painting mood I decided it would be good to do the front calipers again in a nice anthracite this is were issues started

I disconnected the OSF caliper and fitted a old spare caliper to stop fluid leaking but did not notice it had no bleed nipple, the next day when I went to refit it there was a pool of brake fluid on the floor but still fluid in the reservoir so attached the caliper and pumped the brakes and nothing the pedal went to the floor and the piston was not moving

I spent around 2 hours trying to sort it with a vacuum bleeder and normal way with no luck, so next day was a trip to Halfords for a easybleed kit and I managed to get the piston to move and pedal felt ok with engine off but after starting the car I only had a bit of brakes at the bottom of travel, the next day I went round a few local garages and spoke to them and they both said try bleeding it again before booking it in.
So Good Friday armed with 5L of cheap brake fluid I set about pumping loads of fluid through and it seemed to have worked I now have brakes
Feeling better now the brakes were sorted I set about changing engine oil and gearbox oil and putting the bumper back on the the :censored: thing would not start the battery was knackered
so today was get a new battery and all is fine now ready for Anglesey in May.
I suppose I was a good time for it to happen as it could have happened at Anglesey, I was very tempted to get a race battery but a bit worried it will not be upto the job as I drive my car to the track and if it is raining and I have to have lights, wipers, heater and radio on and I am stuck in traffic it will drain it so went with a standard battery.

At the start
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

Hood Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive air manifold

Ally Rad in
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior Vehicle

Remote pressure switch location
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Car Automotive exterior

Renault Sport side bullets
Amber Orange Font Publication Gas

Electric window switches
Automotive lighting Grille Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Hood Wood Sleeve Grey Musical instrument accessory

Caliper new colour
Vertebrate Wood Flooring Hardwood Street fashion

Renault sport logo on oil cooler
Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Grille Automotive lighting

Oils ready for change
Waste containment Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Waste container

Car back together
Hood Car Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting

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Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Car

Car Land vehicle Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Vehicle

Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Automotive parking light Tire Automotive tail & brake light Wheel Automotive lighting

Car Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design


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A couple more updates over the bank holiday I got a quote for powder coating the cage orange and when they said £40 I was back home in half hour taking the cage out and dropping it off to them.
While the cage was being done I took the roof lining out and then started removing all the bonding stuff and the piece of tar that weighs about 2-3kg then painted it anthracite and what a ballache that was.
While I was at it I tidied all the wires up and hid them between the reinforcement sections.
This was done just incase I don't want the lining in at any time but I had other plans for the lining.
I ordered 2m of fake alcantara off eBay in black got some high temp contact adhesive and retrim led the roof lining and painted all the blanking plugs and trim panels I have in black, I am really pleased with how it has turned out.
Another job was to tidy the area around the roof vent as it was a bit messy so I fitted a piece a fake carbon where the light was.
Today was just a clean and change the brake fluid to some proper stuff Motul RBF660 as I boiled super blue before.

Tints and shades Automotive exterior Event Wood Plastic wrap

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Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

Wheel Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting

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Car Vehicle Tire Grille Automotive lighting


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