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Hi everyone,

I've been on the forum since November 2014 and while I've only owned my RS since April 2015, I've enjoyed every moment on here and moreso recently actually owning an RS. I figured it's been long enough without actually setting up my own project thread so here it goes - I'll try and keep it as organised and presented as I can.

I shall start with when I first bought the car and a little bit of background information about it. I bought my Focus RS on April 16th from a well-known member on here who looked after the car miraculously. While saving for an RS for a very long time, I wasn't long in the market for one as I was offered the choice of purchasing this one so soon after being 'ready' to make the leap and get into the RS scene.

The car had done around 46000 miles before being passed over to my ownership. Full service history and 2 previous owners. It's a fully loaded spec'd RS with Lux packs 1 & 2 along with the USB/BT and leather seat upgrades. The plan is to fo full-fat Mountune over the course of my ownership which includes going fully forged via Mountune, MR420 upgrade and somehow sourcing Alcon brakes and Clubsport suspension, finally finishing up with some black and yellow Mountune branded Samco hoses. Not much, eh? :nice:

I'm a photographer in my spare time so getting out as soon as I could with my camera was one of the first things I did. Here are some photos of my RS the week I bought it:

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Vehicle registration plate

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Window

Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Hood Grille

It's been an incredible 4 months of ownership so far at the time of typing this section of this thread up and I can only imagine the next many more months to come, years even, are going to be even better.

The next part of this post will list the current mods and changes that the car has. It will also includes potential plans and thoughts of the direction I wish to take my RS. I hope you all enjoyed reading this short-ish introduction to my project thread. I will, of course, be updating it gradually as and when I get on with doing bits to my pride and joy.

Thanks for reading,

Zack :smile:

Modifications & Specs
Performance -
Mountune MR375 upgrade,​
Full Mongoose 'Original' exhaust system,​
K&N Group A air filter,​
25mm lowering springs on front, 20mm on rear,​
Cold air feed running from bottom of front grill,​
Styling -
Gloss black alloys,​
Black mudflaps with Mountune stickers,​
Mountune 'RS wing badge' stickers,​
Mountune Racing 'M' badge,​
Nurburgring gel badge on boot,​
Focus RSOC gel badge under spoiler,​
RS Motorsport number plate surrounds,​
Raised font with blue border number plates,​
Personalised registration plate,​
Blue led puddle lights,​
Transparent sunstrip,​
Black 'RS' badge inlays,​
Team Heko wind deflectors,​
Red brake calipers,​
Gloss black brake caliper plates with 'RS' stickers,​
'Carbon fibre' hydro-dipped bonnet vents and fog rings,​
Under the bonnet -
'Zebra' hydro-dipped engine cover & slam panel,​
Black & yellow Mountune Samco air filter hose,​
Blue Samco coolant hoses,​
Autospecialists under-bonnet chrome - full set,​
Various engine bay parts painted gloss black,​
Mountune stickers,​
Autospecialists gel badges,​
RS build-number gel badge,​
Chrome symposer delete blanking plate,​
Slam panel side plates,​
Various led lighting,​
'RS' sticker,​
One-off, custom-made 'M375' gel badge,​
Interior -
Fitted Recaro seat covers,​
Leather armrest,​
Mountune push-start sticker,​
RS build-number plaque on ashtray,​
Blue led courtesy & footwell lights,​
Recaro seat base plates with 'carbon fibre' wrap,​
Black 'RS' door sill and steering wheel inlays,​
'RS' gear stick wooly hat, :laughing:​
Future Plans -
Mountune fully forged engine,​
Mountune MR420 upgrade,​
Mountune Alcon brakes,​
Mountune Clubsport suspension,​
Black and yellow Mountune Samco coolant hoses,​
Paint engine and slam panel,​
Paint 'Mountune' logo on intercooler,​
Mountune Clubsport badge,​
Mountune boot and interior mats,​


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Ha ha full fat is hard to get, it's taken me 12 months of secret negotiations and many miles to collect all the ingredients
But it's worth it when you do :)

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So the time has finally come to update this thread. There's quite a bit so make sure you're sitting down...

It's been a very long time and I can only apologise for the delays for I have been enjoying the car, starting a new career and been saving and spending - big. :facepalm: :laughing: In no particular order, a list of my updates...

To start up small, after much thought and debate I went ahead and ordered some Mountune number plate surrounds from Mountune USA. Something so unique and Mountune - I had to. It's the only set over here as far as I know. I really wasn't keen at first due to the big difference in plate size but they quickly grew on me and now I can't imagine my RS without them.

Ford Fair saw me getting my Mountune gear shifter at a great price. This was followed up with a new sticker to go under my build number plaque. I never was 100% with it being there but seeing as I have tens of the things laying around I thought I couldn't lose anything by trying it and oddly I do quite like it.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Cap Automotive design

I did get a fair few goodies at FF, a lot were free - totally worth the 30 minute queue I'll add.

Product Font Material property Advertising Tire

You'll see a stickerbomb in that pile - it was something I wasn't too sure would fit our fuel flaps nicely or not as I've yet to ever see or hear anyone with one fitted. The verdict is... it doesn't. it's a tiny bit too small and to some could look weird. I've left it off for now and it's back in it's packaging but I may stick it on again one day - who knows. :whistle:

I cannot remember exactly when it was, and I don't currently have a photo of them, but I also got some Mountune interior mats brand new too. Yet to buy the boot carpet as I never open the boot. :laughing:

In July I bought the new Mountune roll restrictor, or torque mount to some, and had that fitted. It didn't offer any noticable difference at first but a couple hundred miles in and it's bedding in nicely now. The ride is firm as always but is now even sturdier. No wheelspin at all. Not with ESP on anyway.

Yellow Font Material property Publication Advertising

Happy with my new bits and pieces, I got speaking to someone about some side stripes and as it goes, they are ordered and are fitted the following day of receiving. Another product I wasn't 100% with but seeing the car every day now just has me in awe.

Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle

Now this is where the REAL stuff happened... Last week (at the time of posting) saw me down at Mountune HQ picking up a brand new set of the new Mk3 RS Mountune Racing Leggera HLT's. After a week of discussing and arranging with Mountune about these wheels, the fitment, collection etc. they were finally picked up and fitted. Making my RS the very FIRST Mk2 in the UK with these wheels fitted - and what a huge statement that is. 8) 8) Couple these new wheels with a Mountune sunstrip and my build number being placed on my side stripes and you have one hefty Mountune'd RS.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Car Sky Vehicle

Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle

Thank you to those who have made it through this lengthy post. More to come soon - believe it or not! :facepalm: :grin: :rs:


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After posting that long update, I realise there are a few things that I have actually missed out...

Between Ford Fair and today had me buying a brand new Cosworth Group A air filter to replace my older, slightly dirtier one. I cleaned it up well but wasn't happy with the final result despite it being completely fine. :laughing: So a new one has gone on and is looking - and sounding - gorgeous.

I've also managed to acquire a Mountune Clubsport badge after all of the hunting online for one. I nearly got two but decided to stick with the one. This has yet to go on purely because I'm holding out for the future. :whistle:

This years MOT came back with the brake discs and pads needing to be changed, so with a lot of hunting for the best prices and service, a front and rear set of RS discs and EBC Yellowstuff pads were ordered and fitted. A serious thought of buying some Alcon's was in my mind for months but due to the length I'd have to wait for some along with the fact I needed brakes 'soon' I decided against getting some.

Two new Avon ZZ5 tyres were fitted alongside my new OZ Racing Mountune Leggeras last week, too. :nice:
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