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Not sure if I've put this in the correct section?

I've had a batch of MP350, MR375 & MR420 gel badges made to fit in/on the front wing vent thing, had a batch made as a few mates wanted some but thought I'd get some extra for some Mountune owners on here.
That are a nice discrete badge that adds a nice little touch.

They are great quality, in Ariel Black font which I believe is mountune font.
Available in yellow, green, white, and blue font.

I'm selling these in pairs (one for each side) and have 5 pairs of each available, I can also have some more made if required.

£10 for a pair which includes postage.

If you would like a pair please send me a PM with what you would like and I'll get it sorted :)

MP350 yellow, 5 available
MP350 green, 5 available
MP350 white, 5 available
MP350 blue, 5 available

MR375 yellow, 4 available
MR375 green, 4 available
MR375 white, 5 available
MR375 blue, 5 available

MR420 yellow, 4 available
MR420 green, 5 available
MR420 white, 5 available
MR420 blue, 5 available

Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Car
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Bumper Automotive design
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Vehicle Automotive exterior
Rectangle Font Grass Pattern Metal
Rectangle Road surface Manhole Font Asphalt
Rectangle Font Wood Flooring Pattern
Rectangle Font Flooring Asphalt Parallel


1 - 2 of 2 Posts