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Hi All

just signed up to the site after browsing for the last week.

Plan on purchasing a mk2 FRS in the next month. (to replace my daily work horse - BMW E90 LCI 320 M-sport)

I'm based in West Yorkshire. always been into fast fords and have had had roughly 10/15 ST/RS's. I still have my Escort S2 RST which I purchased 15 years ago when I was 18. I used to show this at FF.

I have had

  • Mk6 RS2k 4x4
  • 5 x Mk5 RS2000 Road cars
  • Mk5 RS2000 - modified Track car.
  • Fiesta RS1800
  • Escort RS Turbo S2
  • Fiesta mk6 ST
  • Mondeo mk3 ST
  • Sierra Saph Cosworth 4x4

used to attend RS National Day & Ford Fair every year, but not so much nowadays due to other commitments.

the FRS will be the newest RS I will have owned. cant wait to get one.

1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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