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Hi, all

Below is the skinny on the UK seats from Ford. I got the info while working on this story for Automobile Magazine in the USA (which is worth reading, if you haven't already seen it):

Standard EU seat (inc UK)

· Recaro, cloth with leather bolsters (not Dinamica)

· Manual adjust (fore/aft, up/down), no lumbar adjust, manual recline, for both driver and passenger seats

· Optional -- Heated cushion & seat back, individual and variable - Driver & Passenger

· Optional - heated steering wheel

· Nitrous Blue side bolsters with Nitrous Blue exterior

Option EU shell seat (inc UK)

· Recaro, leather with Dinamica micro fibre panels

· Manual adjust (fore/aft), no lumbar adjust, manual recline, for both driver and passenger seats

· Height adjust only with tool

· No heated seat option

· Optional - heated steering wheel

****NOTE: I'm still curious why the UK price list doesn't list the heated seat or heated steering wheel option.

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I haven't read your article fully yet, but I do agree with your observation regarding the ST standard front seats,
I can't fit in them comfirtably either. I have too much natural padding :rofl:

Article snip

The front seats
The base Recaro seats on the U.S. Focus RS seats are stolen from the U.S. Focus ST with the ST2 package, covered in slightly different style leather and cloth. They use the same manual controls and lack lumbar adjustment. They are polarizing, because they dont fit all body types. They dont fit me and, after reading through the Focus ST forums, its clear Im not alone.

Both the base and optional Recaro seats in the U.S. Focus RS are built in America and will be shipped to Germany for installation, because the European-sourced RS seat doesnt meet U.S. regulations. European Focus RS models get German-built Recaro seats. On the U.S.-spec RS, we also wont get the standard passenger-seat height adjustment used in other markets.
(Dave276) I didn't know this little fact.

Read more:

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Edit: nice article mark, maybe you need to add your us perspective to the options thread.
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