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DUPLICATED THREAD, Can i delete or do i need MOD to?


Just seen this on USA forum, Worldwide policy????.....Hope my dealer sold alot of ST's or....... :suicide:


• Review key dates for the upcoming launch of the 2016MY Focus RS
• Understand allocation plan prior to receiving your full-year, official allotment from your respective
Sales Zone Manager
The purpose of this communication is to offer allocation information and key dates for the launch of the
2016MY Focus RS.
• Key Dates:
o *TODAY* September 16, 2015:
Official press releases sent to media outlets worldwide
2016MY Focus site + Build & Price go live (includes RS)
o October 1, 2015:
Release Field Communication (EFC) containing order guide, recommended
mix/configurations, pricing
Note: Order Guide & Price Lists will be available on FMCDealer
o October 12, 2015: Order Bank Opens
o Spring 2016: Vehicles begin to arrive in dealerships
• RS Allocation & Distribution Plan:
o The first wholesale will be in late October/early November as January Production.
o There will be a very limited supply of Focus RS
o Allocation will be earned based on a market basket formula and includes the following
2013 - 2015MY ST Sales (Focus/Fiesta)
24M Rolling Registrations of Competitive Set of Vehicles
• Subaru STI
• Mitsubishi EVO
• Volkswagen Golf R
o For dealers that do not earn allocation, we will make every effort to schedule and build
retail orders as production allows.
o There is a possibility that demand may exceed supply and we are unable to honor all
retails in the current model year. We will attempt to fulfill any outstanding retail orders as
future model year production allows.
• Production: Saarlouis, Germany
• Available Colors: Nitrous Blue, Frozen White, Stealth Gray, Shadow Black
• Key Competitors: Subaru WRX STI, VW Golf R, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO
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