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I was involved with Jackrabbit rally's second event on Saturday called Chace the Bull, the Bull in question was a Lamborghini countach which 40 cars followed/chased/passed through the lakes and North Yorkshire inc Buttertubs pass.
Had a fantastic day with genuine petrol heads that had an appreciation for all cars and willing to use them too ;)

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Land vehicle
Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle Tire
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Sky
Font Art Handwriting Graphics Visual arts
Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle
Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Plant
Automotive parking light Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Vehicle registration plate
Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Cloud
Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Car Vehicle

Quick vid over Buttertubs pass, scaring my passenger :laughing:

Edit, added a video from the 1st rally we did earlier this year.


1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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