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THis has been bugging me for a couple of months now. More so going to and from the Ford Fair. I don't know if its me or I'm going mad but I swear there is a slight knocking coming from the near side front wheel??????????????

Ive had two mechanics in it while driving, one on the day of Ford Fair and neither say they could hear anything.

The RS has just been serviced and MOT and I asked the service chap at Ford if the mechanic/Technician could have a look to see if any bushes or drop links have failed. Again I was told there was no issues other than the discs and pads are getting low. I knew the front tyres were low and they have been changed to Continentals but this has not made any difference other than road noise on the deep tread.

Been out today and I swear there is something not 100% unless its just the roads around my area that are the worst.

I'm guessing the front shocker may be on its way out but it drives mint.

Has anyone else had this problem??
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