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I wasn't aware you had to clean your car for a car meet. I thought car meets were just a chance to meet up and chat.🤦‍♂️
My thoughts exactly
Not having a dig at anyone please don’t get me wrong
When I was with Aire Valley RS owners one certain person had a proper dig and pulled my car to bits pointing out how bad the wheels are and the callipers had marks on them
Then started nit picking on everything
I lost the plot and left the club

this guy isn’t short of money and his RS (two the last I knew) are stored and rarely come out

mine is a daily use car so it will get marked and a few kerbside scuffs

however my plan is get this year out of the way and start restoring the old pal
Got new parts stored
Brand new wheels and brake set up
New front lower grille
Get it re sprayed
Interior is in very very good condition for it’s use
Just in the process of house hunting and very busy at work so time is tight to get stuff done plus funds in the current climate
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