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Thought i'd put a post up about this as Ive been to the Auto Italia shows at Brooklands for a few years now as i used to have Alfa's and its a great place to go and have a look around, Ive also been to the motorsport day a couple of years ago and it's great as all the cars are parked up for you to have a wander round and look at and then later on in the day they get taken onto the mercedes test track (sort of like a mini Goodwood in a way :laughing:) They even take them up the test hill which is good too as you can stand at the side as they go past. Not sure if anyone has been there before but they have all the grounds open so you can walk up the banking from part of the old Brooklands track and also a lot of planes (old and new, they have concorde you can pay to go on too) and history about what it was like years ago and during the war etc so theres a lot to see and do aswell as all the car stuff. There are cars from all sorts of motorsport and all ages too so plenty to see.

Heres a link to it anyway-


It says about club stands so wondered if anyone fancied going and maybe see about getting a place for everyone to park up?
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