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At that price any imperfection (yet alone rust) is not acceptable.

If they wont fix it properly or reduce their price then move on. There is always another car to buy.

IMHO £32k is far to high for a Mk2 Focus RS in the current market. Make no mistake, the post covid boom is over. Any seller who says otherwise is doing so for their own purpose. Car dealers have no authority to suggest (yet alone guarantee) any form of investment as a result of buying a car, their job is to get as much as they car for any car they sell. Not a comment on the car but the price some sellers ask for.

Of course it is up to anyone to decide how and where to spend their money, but don't cry if the car you buy is worth 50% less than you paid a few years down the road. Past gains are not a guarantee of future profit.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts