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Well since april this year i have done all the follwing

10/4/15 fitted s/s cossie 4x4 under bonnet vents £20.00

12/4/15 had all wheels painted in BMW pinical grey (fed up with black) £250.00

13/4/15 bought focus " rs alloy with as new 225/40/18 goodyear tyre £120.00

14/4/15 had 4 new 225/40/18 hankook tyres fitted £320.00

16/4/15 changed pollen filter oil filter and oil price of goods only £55.00

18/4/15 A/C system cleaned checked and refilled £70.00

18/4/15 flushed out water system and radiator refilled with fresh water and antifreeze price of goods only £8.50

June 12/6/15 had both front and rear arches ( both sides) door and rear wing mouldings bottom of doors and side skirts

painted due to stone chips £450.00

14/6/15 new clear arch protector fitted to arches and side skirts satin black on top ( arches only) £60.00

21/6/15 turbo :f: up and went pop :nope:

22/6/15 bought new turbo ( BARGAIN PRICE) £220.00

24/6/15 hand turbo fitted £160.00

July 29/7/15 had custom decat fitted £100.00

August 10/8/15 bought spare rocker cam belt cover and slam panel cover £15.00 and painted frozen white £50.00

October 22/10/15 bought full timing bet kit £73.50

brake fluid change same time £10.00

fit timing belt kit £40.00 all done at 83543

tuesday 27/10/15 having front pumper painted £140.00 due to stone chips

other bits bought and fitted are

Scangauge 2 £110.00

blue alloy wheel nuts £20.00

mist water jets £18.00

JVC double din CD/RADIO with blue tooth and USB £100.00

warped my s/s battery cover header tank cover fuse box and charge cool cover in gun smoke grey

as wanted to be different.

B pilers warped in satin black

Now all the hard work as been done and money spent i am thinking of selling her as i as want a change :nice:

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I was fortunate enough to service one today and they are truely special cars. You can't compare them to the mk2.

The mk1 is raw and like a go-kart. The one I serviced was a 350bhp flame spitting animal. Phenomenal acceleration
got mine at 300bhp with built in omex launch control was live mapped at jam-sport in August 2013 so yes they are

very quick for what they are
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