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Right not sure if anyone can help on this one. My local Ford dealer are still trying to sort out my aircon.
They are unable to use their diagnostic equipment as it seems that MR375 is causing problems.
They have changed the two pressure switches and a relay. The aircon works fine normally however when the temp is cold outside it keeps turning off any ideas?

It was mentioned that it might be the clutch spacing on the ac compressor?

System gets to five bar then shuts off.
have you got this sorted?

mine played up just when I was leading a group of people over to Germany in 2018.

thankfully my Ford contacts there helped me and I had a new pump fitted in the new car build compound in Cologne before I travelled back.

the problem on mine was that the clutch wasn’t engaging.
Rates initially checked it out for me as I was en route to dover for an overnight before ferry.
the journey over was a nightmare for me & my son as it was 30 celcius outside Windows down most of the journey.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts