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  1. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Hi all, I'm a previous paid up member of the sister site, focusstoc after having two ST's - a 2009 and 2011 model. I got rid due to different circumstances and the most recent being buying a property. I've always loved the MK2 RS though since it's original release and still have the itch to get...
  2. Scotland South
    Following on from our BBQ / Rolling road and show n shine day. Hosted by Sitech Racing. @[member=Sitech Racing"] Simon if you get a chance email me the PDF's from these please... I currently don't have the...
  3. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    So at the weekend I got up early to clean my RS (third wash in two weeks of ownership) and felt obliged to clean my girlfriend's ST at the same time. We then decided they looked so well that we would take some photos at the local supermarket.
  4. New User Meet and Greet
    Hi all, Just came along to find out about some information on a MK1 RS... I currently own a Spirit Blue Fiesta ST, but this should be up for sale at the end of January. That's mine on the left with the gold comp's. I've got roughly 12k to spend on the RS, what sort of mileage and condition...
    rs st
  5. Other Marque | Automotive Discussion
    Well after only 3 months ownership of the mercedes E350 cabriolet I soon got bored and regretted getting rid of the RS and ST so today I got shut and got me a new motor :smile: the merc was a lovely car very well equipped and a dream to drive but was just not my cup of tea, so after thinking...
  6. MK2 - Brakes, Wheels & Tyres
    I'm currently selling on the bay a set of black 19" RS alloys that came of my mk2 RS and I have been asked the following question, which I'm hoping someone on here can help with Will these will fit a 58 plate ST mk3 ? I think they will, but I also went over to our sister site but unfortunately...
  7. Other Marque | Automotive Discussion
    For those that haven't seen it yet - worth a look!!
1-7 of 7 Results