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  1. MK3 - Servicing and Maintenance
    Does anybody know if I should have received any paperwork for AA breakdown cover when getting car serviced with Ford. I know I have it but no idea if I should have a customer number or something when contacting them? Or is it done on registration plate. Main reason for asking is I'm looking at...
  2. MK2 - Servicing and Maintenance
    That time of the year Do you guys go to ford or online for service items Part number be helpful as know from other thread the spark plugs have been changed to st plugs
  3. Focus RS Mk1 Discussion
    Afternoon all. Can anybody recommend a garage for servicing the RS? MIDLANDS - i'm willing to travel to Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry, Nottingham - or further if highly recommended... MAJOR SERVICE - spark plugs, fuel filter, brake fluid etc NEW 'TO ME' RS - would be great for the RS...
  4. General Topic Discussion
    I saw this on facebook and know a few are not on bookface so thought I would share it. it made me chuckle
  5. Computer and Technology
    I have a HP LaserJet 2200TN printer that was having some print issues, I paid £40 for it a few years back I knew that the Fuser unit was the most likely problem. But where to go for a Service Manual, after searching the web I found this site, which provides free PDF's for a whole variety of...
  6. MK2 - Servicing and Maintenance
    Hi Am looking to get a service on my car soon and was just looking for advice on how much people roughly pay for one?
  7. Mountune
    Hi Custard Fans, My car is due a service in a couple of months time, and it will be the first time servicing it at Ford since having the MR375 upgrade fitted. I am aware that at some stage during the service they will plug in the diagnostic equipment to check for fault codes and do any updates...
  8. Ford Parts, Accessories and FINIS Codes
    I spoke to Kevin Prior today at Rates parts today ref a 2013 Sat Nav disk order and he has said it is fine to post his contact details on the forum in case anyone wants prices for parts from Rates. So here you are guys, mention the club & he will do his best to give you a good competitive...
  9. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Well its been a rather expensive day so far. Second service at my local dealer. They highlighted my knackered front tyres, so another £320 on some Goodyear eagle F1s from camskill. Then just stumbled on a set of new eibach springs on ebay for £140 delivered! Hope the missus does not check the...
  10. MK2 - Servicing and Maintenance
    Hi Guys, (first post on behalf of my father) I'm sure this topic have been done loads but I'm struggling to find anything. Dad has a white 59 reg, all the options 8k on the clock and is coming up to its 3rd service and first MOT. The Ford garage he used to use that was very reasonably priced...
1-10 of 11 Results