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  1. Motor Insurance, VED, Law and Finance Discussion
    @Clive @Allan is this topic worth pinning? I came across these couple of links that people may find useful. I found them in the Waze user forum. UK gov advice RAC your...
  2. MK3 - In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Hey folks, this may be a long shot but has anyone found a workaround that lets you use Google Maps (rather than Apple Maps) on Sync 3 when using iPhone? I hate Apple Maps. I've set up a stunning route on google maps that takes in the best of Snowdonia and the Evo Triangle, and really want it...
  3. MK2 - In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    my sat nav needs updating as there are a lot of roads that it does recognise including my new house. anyone can update it for me for know where i can get it updated or buy the `DVD for it. many thanks
  4. MK2 - In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    hi, sorry if this has been posted already but I'm struggling to find it. i have a Lux 2 RS and i can bluetooth my phone to the car, but not my music. i am having to use a aux lead to connect spotify or iTunes. Can anyone tell me how i can connect my music to my car or whether i need to do an...
  5. MK2 - In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Guys, I have had an email from Kevin Prior, Parts manager at Rates, below is his email: Could you do me a favour and let the RS guys know that the 2014 NX update DVD are due in in May and are on special £75.00 incl vat and P&P Please contact Kevin Directly as follows: Kevin Prior Parts...
  6. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Just like to say a big thanks to Kevin Prior at Rates Ford for the great price and speedy delivery of the updated maps disc for my Sat Nav unit in my Communication was first class. If all Ford dealers had a Kevin we'd all be happy customers Cheers Kevin
  7. MK2 - ICE
    Hi guys, Recently my sat nav will not load up correctly when i switch to its screen. All it shows is the arrow where i am and places such as pubs and petrol stations. Roads are no longer displayed. Sometimes it all starts to appear after around 30 min of driving. Any idea what is causing this...
1-7 of 7 Results