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  1. Custom | Unique Project Work
    Hey guys, I’m just looking for parts and advice as I’m looking at pretty much putting a RS MK3 Engine and running gear inside a Fiesta WRC rep. And it’s a project invested over years and money is no object. If anyone have a full parts list to make this possible please give me a message. cheers...
  2. General Topic Discussion
    Hi All Anyone fancy driving some Scottish Roads ? I'm up on the Scottish boarder on 2nd October and fancy another drive round some great Scottish scenery and roads, possibly doing some .... or all of the North Coast 500. Nothing is booked yet !!! but fancy another drive around, and some RS...
  3. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    Hi guys! I finally got the new Pumaspeed Special Edition springs fitted to my Focus RS! I am really happy with the look of it now, where both the nose and tail sits evenly low. I am not a big fan of the US-style with the front-tilted style to be honest. What is your opinion? Do you prefer the...
  4. Was It You... Focus RS Spotters!
    Saw and drove along with another RS today on M25 A/C fromabout Junction 11 ( Chertsey) to Junction 6 ( Godstone ) very nice looking MG with spoiler inserts. FF
  5. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    So at the weekend I got up early to clean my RS (third wash in two weeks of ownership) and felt obliged to clean my girlfriend's ST at the same time. We then decided they looked so well that we would take some photos at the local supermarket.
  6. General Topic Discussion
    Hi Guys, I want to buy a dash cam, but I want to see what others have fitted and where they have fitted them. When I specked my car I ticked ever box so I have all the Ford fitted cameras hidden behind that huge bit of plastic on the windscreen ....I want the camera to be discreet but as I now...
  7. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    Hi Sorry if this has been asked before ! How do I find out the Build number of my Focus RS mk3 ? Cheers Keith :nice:
  8. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    the following link has specification documents and lots of photos & Videos of the RS, mustang & Vignale models from Goodwood 2015
1-9 of 11 Results