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  1. MK2 - ECU Remapping Software and Tuning
    Good morning guys, Wish to ask you if we can share the settings of the REVO Stage4 map, I was curious to see what you guys got there! Mine are 9-7-6 for boost/timing/fueling. Thanks for the attention!!
  2. MK2 - ECU Remapping Software and Tuning
    Hi All, I'm just wondering if anybody can tell me which remap I may be running, i understand it's not that easy but I didn't know weather or not you can tell by how the boost guage charictaristics are. I picked my car up last Friday. It has a full momgoose turbo back with decat, huge...
  3. MK3 - ECU Remapping Software and Tuning
    As the title suggests, I'm looking for people who have had one of the above or even tested both. By Xmas I'm deciding on a final Stage 2 tuner to go with, M400 and Revo Stage 2 are in my top contenders, mainly because I have heard but not seen much on Litchfield so by all means if anyone has...
  4. MK2 - ECU Remapping Software and Tuning
    Just a quick question. Just had my car remapped with stage 2 Revo. When I had this done, my car had standard unleaded fuel in. So I was told to go back once I've had a couple of tanks of V power or Tesco Momentum to get it mapped a little better. The map was is very good even with standard...
  5. MK2 - ECU Remapping Software and Tuning
    My Revo stage 4 settings running bp ultimate 98 fuel Just curious what everyone runs with the same fuel/ stage 4 thanks in advance
  6. Scotland South
    Following on from our BBQ / Rolling road and show n shine day. Hosted by Sitech Racing. @[member=Sitech Racing"] Simon if you get a chance email me the PDF's from these please... I currently don't have the...
  7. Scotland South
    Results from the Scotland South Dyno Day Hosted by Sitech Racing: SImon has not sent me through the same graphs for everybody so there will be some discrepancies below. We used the following calculation to...
  8. MK2 - ECU Remapping Software and Tuning
    393 Hp @ wheels 640 Nm @ wheels
  9. MK2 - ECU Remapping Software and Tuning
    i am looking at getting 400bhp out of my RS. i am looking at the mountune MR420 kit. but i didn't think that they were doing it anymore and can't mind anything about it on mountunes website. anyone know if they are still selling it and can give me some information about it as ive emailed...
  10. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Hi I have revo stage 4 upgrade on car .It is due for some service work to done and i want to put the car into valet mode but cant for the life of me remember where I put the control guide I know its 1-6 and 1 is stock and 5 is immobiliser on 6 is immobiliser off. I cant remember.if its 2,3 or...
  11. MK2 - ECU Remapping Software and Tuning
    Hi all, I know this has probably been discussed millions on times before on here but for some reason everytime I search this forum my computer freezes lol! No idea why.. Its old. Not just this website though. Anyway I'm thinking of getting Revo stage 2.. Or maybe stage 4. Just can't decide and...
1-11 of 37 Results