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  1. MK2 - Interior & Exterior Bodywork & Styling
    I'm looking for Recaro stickers to put on the knobs that adjust the position of the back on the seats. I've seen them in this youtube video about owning a 670 BHP Focus RS. I've found some Recaro stickers but I believe them to be too big, I want them to overlap the letters that are currently on...
  2. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    I placed my RS order yesterday - with everything but sunroof and shell seats. Personally, I didn't think the sunroof was right for the car. However, I love the look of the shell seats and would have happily added them. I can see from the poll that half of all RS's are being specced with them...
  3. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    I've got my RS on order and have stuck with the standard seats for now (albeit the blue trimmed ones from an aesthetic perspective to 'lighten' the interior). The reason being is I thought the standard seats will be more comfortable, and less hassle getting in and out, than the upgraded seats...
  4. MK3 - Interior & Exterior Bodywork & Styling
    Hi, all Below is the skinny on the UK seats from Ford. I got the info while working on this story for Automobile Magazine in the USA (which is worth reading, if you haven't already seen it):
  5. MK2 - Interior & Exterior Bodywork & Styling
    A quick question following my unsuccessful attempt at what I thought to be an 'easy' mod! I bought a set of carbon fibre Recaro seat base panel covers and tried to fit them today. I tried to remove the seat base bolts today but couldn't get them to budge! I stopped before I rounded the head but...
  6. MK2 - Interior Cabin
    Hello Guys just thought i would start this after reading god knows how many threads regarding this issue, I would be very keen to know how anyone has got on regarding the warranty and excessive wear on the Recaro CS. Having had a Clio 197 and coming from Renault/Vaux Scene Renault recognise...
1-9 of 9 Results