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    OK, so there have been many disparaging remarks about our British Police, but this shows that some do have a sense of humour!!!! Taken in a frozen car parking area a couple of years ago when my son (and some friends?!) were enjoying a clear frozen open space. Watch and enjoy, or just marvel...
  2. General Topic Discussion
    During my day job investigating a third a party software product and whether it will run on Windows 10 I came across this product on the suppliers website. I am just wondering how many of our UK Police forces actually use this software or...
  3. North West
    Driving to work his morning and an orange ST pulled out of Gorton police station with 2x officers in...unmarked car..? I thought they usually stuck to Vectra's and Mondeo's :laughing:
  4. General Topic Discussion
    This is why I dont go to Cruises, I have been to one that was bounced from one location to another and the Police were out in Force. Interesteing Article, unfortunately based in Essex as well so I wonder if any mmbers have been called as part of the 80? http://www.echo-news...n_court/?ref=mr...
  5. Media | Sport | TV | Film
    Interestign video clip posted by Essex Police & what they are doing now
1-5 of 5 Results