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  1. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    Hi Guys, I've heard from my brother that a lot of people who own performance vehicles strongly recomend changing the oil and the filter after the first 1000 miles of running the car. I've had a couple of new non-performance ford focuses(Zetec S), and i've never changed the oil at 1000 miles...
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hi Admin I was looking at Opie Oils web site yesterday after another member put up a post about a discount code, worth 10% off ones order. I logged in and had previously used Opie Oil so know that there prices are good generally. They have a section upon registering as a customer to show...
  3. MK3 - Servicing and Maintenance
    Results are in from the oil analysis at 2240 miles on the initial fill. - All engine wear indicators very low - TBN and viscosity show plenty of life left in the oil - Very low particle count (expected higher based on colour which is why you shouldn't go just by that) - No fuel - Nothing to...
  4. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    Getting away from the boring seat conversations and whether there is a delay or not blah blah blah . Lets discuss getting on track with the new car and whether it will need any special attention when pushed hard, We have heard that the RDU has a fail safe built into it so I`m not too concerned...
  5. MK2 - Fuel, Oil & Additives
    Hey everyone! When I bought my RS I did a big service and noticed the engine had only 1,5 liters of oil left in it (I also got a red oil light while driving, this is what threw me off :p). Anyway, after the big service I filled it up with 6 liters of fresh oil and checked my oil levels weekly...
  6. MK2 - Servicing and Maintenance
    Is 0-30 castrol no good for my rs just read 0-40 is reccomended
  7. MK2 - Servicing and Maintenance
    Just seen on their Facebook they are doing 15% off everything over Easter, ending midnight Monday. Use code "EASTER" on checkout. Might be time to stock up on oil again in time for a oil change
1-7 of 8 Results