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oil leak
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  1. Focus RS Mk1 Discussion
    hi has anybody had any oil leaks coming from the front of the engine ty
  2. MK2 - Fuel, Oil & Additives
    Hey everyone! When I bought my RS I did a big service and noticed the engine had only 1,5 liters of oil left in it (I also got a red oil light while driving, this is what threw me off :p). Anyway, after the big service I filled it up with 6 liters of fresh oil and checked my oil levels weekly...
  3. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    I noticed the other day that there was oil coming from the back right of my engine by the Cambelt. So I took it to the garage today they said it could be the head gasket or the engine block which is leaking but the car has only got 24000 on it. But the garage haven't striped it down yet n had a...
1-3 of 3 Results