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  1. Europe and International
    Updated 28-9-2017 - added date of visit Updated 7-11-2017 - added an outline intinerary. Updated 9-1-2018 - Confirmation of tour & Classic Car/heritage centre received. Update 9-Jan-2017:I received an email reply today, the Tour is now confirmed for Fri 6th July. 10-Jan-2018 Attendee numbers...
  2. Track & Motorsport
    Hi Guys I just went back from an amazing trip to the Nürburgring in my Ford Focus RS! That was some of the most entertaining i have ever tried. Have you ever been taking your car to the Green Hell? And for reference, do you remember your lap time? As always i have made a video for my channel...
  3. Media | Sport | TV | Film
    Some great footage of old school F1 drivers & driving in this little video clip. Those guys had balls of steel, particularly when you look at how the ring was back then and the lack of medical support, awesome.
  4. Europe and International
    Thought it would be good to create a post with generic Nürburgring information. Added 18-May-2020: Amazon prime "Pilgrimage" a nice view of driving the Nürburgring and on german Autobahns from a group,of 4 Americans, it includes a visit to the Gemballa factory (Porsche modifiers, and now...
  5. Track & Motorsport
    hi all, I'm off to the nurburgring in the summer as part of a tour of europe with the RS. any helpful advice i should now before i head out on track? anything is much appreciated cheers!!
  6. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    I thought I would start a thread for mk2 :RS: laps of Nürburgring after watching this one.
  7. Track & Motorsport
    Just been nosing through some Nurburgring videos on Youtube and spotted this Mk3 RS being put through its paces round the 'Ring; I hope it's been run in, :whistle: the driver certainly isn't hanging about. Maybe it's not his car?! :laughing: :cry: :whistle: A fairly entertaining clip, with...
  8. Europe and International
    For those who might be interested in taking their RS to meet European RS/ST owners, this years Nürburgring meet is on 9th July 2016. Facebook link weblink for those not on Facebook...
  9. Media | Sport | TV | Film
    This is fun to watch A wiki link in case you have not head of this race driver Anyone wondering whether CS seats are needed for a track day should just watch the passenger moving about. In case anyone is wondering what is wife is saying ninho...
  10. Track & Motorsport
    An interesting one this, have a read of the text that accompanies the video!
  11. Track & Motorsport
    I found this on facebook Youtube direct link courtesy of Gareth A mixture of race incidents and tourist drives. I just love the guy at the...
  12. Europe and International
    Facebook Link Start time is 10am (DE time) Location is : Bürgerhaus Wiesemscheid 53534 Wiesemscheid I have received confirmation of the 2015 Nürburgring RS/ST Treffen from one of the organisers. The reply I received was: our meeting...
  13. Track & Motorsport
    I just read this article seems that the original purchasers Capricorn missed a payment .
  14. Other Marque | Automotive Discussion
    Well we all new it was happening, the Nürburgring has finally been sold. It has been bought by Capricorn a Dusseldorf based (not surprising its a German company) Car parts Manufacturer for 100 Million Euros Interesting Snippet in above article "The...
  15. Track & Motorsport
    I thought people on here might be interested in this little video clip, a job I think we are probably all envious of & would like to have. The interesting part is that he says he has driven over 7000 laps of the NordSchiefe...
  16. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Hope this hasn't been posted already?! Ride along as racer Robb Holland takes the Rotek Racing shop car -- a 345-hp, Mountune-tweaked Ford Focus RS -- on a lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife.
  17. Other Club and National Events
    I have had confirmation of the date for the 2014 Nurburgring RS/ST Treffen (Meet). Satruday 28th June 2014 Same place as prior years. I will post more info later. get your names down for this event if you are interested. ADMIN: could you please PIN this thread & unpin the 2013 thread, thanks.
  18. Other Marque | Automotive Discussion
    Not sure if this is a re-post, apologies if it is! Pretty impressive stuff I think you'll agree...
  19. Track & Motorsport
    I hope you have all heard of www:// visited & shown your support and that the ring is currently up for sale, lets hope it gets true racing heritage in the next owners. Anyway, I decided to do my bit to help and my RS is now sporting a couple of extra little stickers thanks to...
  20. General Topic Discussion
    Hi guys, im going on a trip to the nurburg ring this year and was wondering if anyone had been there and hired a track car for the day and what prices we are looking at and what your views are on it. i have found this website this morning and wondered if anybody knows anything different appart...
1-20 of 20 Results