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    Just thought people would like to know that an @ford news app is now available in the Apple & Android stores, i havent yet seen anything for windows platform smartphones but will keep my eyes open in case. it seems...
  2. Track & Motorsport
    Well it looks like the speed limits established on parts of the Nurburgring will be lifted, along with some potentially interesting (and controversial) changes to the circuit layout and the way in which spectator viewing is managed... :nice: The link to the story on PH...
  3. General Topic Discussion
    This is why I dont go to Cruises, I have been to one that was bounced from one location to another and the Police were out in Force. Interesteing Article, unfortunately based in Essex as well so I wonder if any mmbers have been called as part of the 80? http://www.echo-news...n_court/?ref=mr...
1-3 of 4 Results