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  1. Was It You... Focus RS Spotters!
    Sunday 7 May, I was in the SG ST on the Roundabout. Always nice seeing the RS around here.
  2. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    A couple of Mk3 RS's in Leicester yesterday, with help from @Madpig ...........
    fw nb rs
  3. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    The more I read about different dealerships with new cars sitting on the forecourt when I'm patiently waiting for any information about my order the more angry I'm getting. Instead of having these cars sitting waiting whilst people who've paid their deposits are frustrated why doesn't someone...
  4. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    Well finally this morning my new RS has arrived. Many thanks to my wife who ordered it from the good old US of A. Picture attached as you can see. Only waiting for the full sized model to arrive.
  5. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    After much deliberation and soul searching I've finally taken the plunge. Yup, I've put a deposit on a new Mk3 RS. Now all I've got is the long wait............. arrrrrgh. Despite not being really keen on the NB colour, I only went and chose that colour!!!! What is going on? Arrrrgh...
  6. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    Has anyone ordered/received there car with NB paint and standard silver wheels? They black forged just don't do it for me but everyone seems to have ordered them! I wish I could get the standard wheels in the dark grey they seem to have in Europe!
1-6 of 6 Results