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  1. General Topic Discussion
    I saw this post elsewhere. Changes to the MoT Test Posted in General News on Thursday, February 1st, 2018 Under new regulations which are set to be introduced from 20th May this year, vehicle faults detected during MoTs will be separated into three categories, dangerous, major and minor. Any...
  2. General Topic Discussion
    Yesterday my car failed its MOT test due to "items attached to the windscreen". In my case, the items where a dashcam and (believe it or not) a tax disc holder (in its traditional position). On detailed discussion with the MOT test manager (note this was my local Ford main dealer), he informed...
  3. MK2 - Servicing and Maintenance
    My MOT's due in the next few days & I'm just a bit concerned with having the OMP Non Airbag Steering Wheel fitted. Will it pass the MOT with this steering wheel or not? What's everyones thoughts? Also I've heard a rumour that to disable the Switch for the steering wheel Airbag that ALL the...
1-3 of 3 Results