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  1. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    Hi, just purchased a MK3 RS 2017, just wondering has anyone had the M400 upgrade and has it made a significant difference for the outlay? Is it safe and who can I trust and best price please in the Doncaster area, thanks
  2. General Topic Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I am a student at Goldsmiths university doing a research project on modified cars and car culture in essex, but any one is welcome to contribute no matter where you are from! In a nutshell this is an art project. To give people the most authentic car experience. I want the...
  3. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    RSOC Croft 031 by CJGREEN., on Flickr As the tile, who is the owner and where abouts in the country are you located? I've been contacted direct by HRE about the photo and interested in doing a full feature shoot. Thanks alot, James
1-3 of 3 Results