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  1. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    After seeing all the posts on this forum I'm increasingly yearning to modify my car, but as soon as I look into the insurance, any modifications immediately mean that they won't cover me. So, for now my car will have to remain standard. So, is your car modified and how old are you? I'm under...
  2. Die-Cast and Scale Models
    Been at it again, this time modifying a 1:18 RS500 & doing something that no one else has in real life or in the modelling world! :nice: Decided to go all out with a RWD 'Cosworth ' version of the 500! May not be to everyones taste but i thought, lets go wild!! :laughing: So, what have i...
  3. Was It You... Focus RS Spotters!
    We were outside stood next to a blue scoob when you came haring past. Sounded beaut! We hear you quite often, anyone on here?
1-3 of 3 Results