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  1. MK3 - Electrics and Lighting
    Hello all, It looks like one of the LED's in my driver's side headlight Daylight Running Light has broken, so there is a brief darker patch. Is there any way to fix this, or do I have to get the entire light unit replaced under warranty? Thanks!
  2. MK2 - Lighting & Electrical
    Has anyone ever fitted a set of these headlights? Look quite good. Plus they have the led daytime running lights. Just wondered what you guys thought. Ive seen loads on ebay for around £270. Named under RS 500 black devil headlamps.
  3. MK2 - In Car Entertainment (ICE) and Security
    Hi folks, Just wondering who's upgraded to LED lights to gauge the market (where they're from and quality etc.). The majority I've seen have been on TeamTorquesteer so leaning towards there atm. Any thoughts? :) (Thinking of doing interior, rear-plate, door mirror ambient thingies...
  4. MK2 - Lighting & Electrical
    Hi all here's a link for all the bulbs you'll ever need :D they even have the headlight bulbs in check it out
1-4 of 4 Results