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  1. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Really poor service from JWR Racing for me sadly this week. During selling my RS last month, the Mishimoto rad I bought from them a few years back was found to be leaking and I took a big hit on my selling price, as the buyer took the rad out and gave it to me before buying the car so they could...
  2. MK3 - Gearbox, Clutch & Running Gear
    Hi, any of you guys heard of the o/s/f driveshaft seal leaking :cry: booked in at dealer on thursday for them to take a look Mk3 RS, april 2017 car, 1330 miles thanks
  3. MK2 - Electrics and Lighting
    Hi all, Apologies if this has been covered before. Ive recently had water in my interior light. Last week we had alot of snow here in Scotland. I decided not to use the car and wait a couple of days for the snow to clear. (Should be parked in the garage i know i know :facepalm: but as our...
  4. MK2 - Fuel, Oil & Additives
    Hey everyone! When I bought my RS I did a big service and noticed the engine had only 1,5 liters of oil left in it (I also got a red oil light while driving, this is what threw me off :p). Anyway, after the big service I filled it up with 6 liters of fresh oil and checked my oil levels weekly...
  5. MK2 - Interior Cabin
    For the past few weeks I have been plagued by wet carpets in the drivers side, both front and rear. My sat nav had also developed a fault where it wouldn't receive any satellite reception. I assumed I was suffering water ingress through the aerial base so changed it and got very good satellite...
  6. MK2 - Heating and Cooling
    Hello all, Just a quick one, coolant in my mk2 FRS has became low I have filled up and seems to be low again, any known faults weak rads? Hoses, expansion caps? Would I be right in pressure testing my cooling system and inspecting for leaks? Thanks in advance.
  7. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Driving Home Last night the engine temp suddenly shot up and the warning light came on. I pulled over and lifted the bonnet and there was no coolant left. I filled it up with coolant to trickle home slowly, once it had cooled. I checked again this morning and the level had dropped again, but...
1-7 of 7 Results