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  1. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    Has anyone else found that their FPM375 badge has corroded quite badly? They dont seem to be a very quality product?
  2. Focus RS MK3 Discussion
    I recently had a FPM375 tune fitted, and there seems to have been varying views in the forums about the tune, ranging from "hardly noticeable" to "transforms the car", so I was interested to see what my impressions were subjectively and measured objectively. So……this is a...
  3. Custom | Unique Project Work
    Hello everyone, I came over from the sister site FiestaSToc, I must admit I loved my mk7 Fiesta project but the RS has always been my dream car. The Fiesta before it went (mr230, nearly 265 with Quaife LSD plus a LOT more spec): Quick shot of both during pickup of my new RS and the Fiesta...
  4. Mountune
    Ok to keep the Mountune lists simple and after speaking to Rico about this I have created a Conversion mk3 RS thread. As like the other thread it will be treated the same but i will manage this one for the mk3 owners and Rico's for mk2's. If anyone would like their name on the list i would be...
  5. MK3 - ECU Remapping Software and Tuning
    Hi guys, Apologies if there is a post on this already (I'm new!) but I should finally have my RS in the next week. On my Fiesta ST, I had the MP215 and it made a big difference. I wondered if anyone can shed some light on if the upgrade they do on the RS is worth it? I'm sure some of you have...
  6. MK3 - ECU Remapping Software and Tuning
    As promised to UK Jon, I thought I'd try and post up a quick review of my thoughts on the FPM375 kit after having it installed last Thursday at Mountune HQ by Fred & Co. To offer a bit of background, I've come from a 470bhp Impreza (lairy for a daily), then a 420bhp v8 M3 (lovely car, but less...
  7. Group Buys
    FPM375 or FPM375 + Axle back exhaustFPM 375 ONLY2758.70%FPM 375 + Axle Back1941.30%When would you like to have it fitted?Winter 2016-20171223.53%Spring 20171937.25%Summer 20172039.22%
1-7 of 7 Results