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  1. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Has anybody else had issues with the quality of parts they have ordered from Ford? Ordered a new rear bumper diffuser spoiler, which has some noticeable paint run on it (cost was £504.99, so am sending it back). Also recently ordered a front bumper radiator grille moulding, which had chunks of...
  2. Other Club and National Events
    It's that time again Ladies and Gentlemen. Simply Ford at Beaulieu. I would love to see more cars this year, numbers were very poor in 2018 due to people's fears of the weather, but the day was stunningly hot. One of the best days of May. Photos of last year are here -...
  3. London and South East
    If anyone is interested the Kent group of RSOC is meeting at the Kentagon bar, Brands Hatch on Wednesday 19th. Clive
  4. Other Marque | Automotive Discussion
    Looks like Ford are to stop selling all regular cars in the USA from 2019 (barring the Mustang and the Focus Active):
  5. Focus RS MK3 recall discussion
    I have been reading posts on a variety of forums and am puzzled by the inconsistency of the approach by dealerships. Some will only book your car in if you've had a letter, some will by checking from your registration/VIN number. Then the procedure seems to be extremely variable. Some want to...
  6. Other Marque | Automotive Discussion
    Hi all, Just looking for a bit of advice. The Mrs has an 11 plate Fiesta 1.4 Diesel as her run about and recently put it into our local 'Essex Ford' Garage for an MOT & full service. All went through but they managed to find quite a few 'faults' and the main one worrying her is, the rear coils...
  7. General Topic Discussion
    Well that's it then I am finished. I have worked my last day as a Ford Employee, tomorrow is my last vacation day, theres a story here about vacation allocation within Ford too. After 20 Oct 2017 I will be a Ford Pensioner, after working in that company for 45 years 1 month 9 days I just...
  8. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Hi all it has come to the end of racing season and I have decided to part ways with my mk2 rs race car to fund a new car, I have advertised it on here but main thing is if you know anyone that wants one, or if you yourself would like a rs mk2 race car please get hold of me. I have attached pics...
  9. Mk2 - Gearbox, Clutch & Running Gear
    Evening people Does anyone run or anyone know of a company or brand that does lightweight drive shafts for a focus rs mk2, mine are reaching their limits after this race season and would rather replace with an upgrade.
  10. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Think my Magnaflow on the Pony slightly out does the milltek system on the RS, shame it could be a lot louder for racing if it were not for stupid noise restrictions at most of the British circuits
  11. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Race weekend didt quite go to plan issues with the ecu and clutch cost me races, but onwards and upwards. Still got my pony though to have fun in til next season.
  12. Mk2 - Gearbox, Clutch & Running Gear
    Hi Does anyone or has anyone run an uprated clutch in their focus rs mk2, we raced the car last weekend and have had a nightmare with the cutch overheating.
  13. Other Marque | Automotive Discussion
    Ford held an Investors Day event today 14-Sep-2016. This gives a good insight into the future that Ford is looking at that can be shared publicly. This includes links to the presentation decks and contains a slide relating to Performance Fords (e.g. 6500 requests for the first 500 Ford GT...
  14. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    Hello everyone, My name is Pete and I am graphic designer. I have just recently started doing some vector artwork of iconic cars and the new RS has been one the first that I have worked on. I just recently gave a friend a, early, version of a white RS, which he will be receiving his real one...
  15. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    All cars are clean and ready to go for testing in Barcelona cant wait gonna be one fun week ahead.
  16. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Testing went very well again and got my carbon lid back from paint. car still needs more weight stripping out of it and the front end balance needs re adjusting.
  17. Other Marque | Automotive Discussion
    To demonstrate how tough the Asia Pacific developed Ranger is, Ford engineers devised these brutal, unforgiving experiments to demonstrate the Ranger's raw strength and durability? You can watch all four episodes here: · Episode One: Heavy Drop · Episode Two: Tough Towing ·...
  18. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Both racecars ready for the weekend, racing both back to back and can't wait
  19. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    I do like a clean car hate it when they are dirty and can't stand people that moan when their car is dirty.
1-19 of 36 Results