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  1. Track & Motorsport
    Not sure if theres already a post - Did a search and found previous year posts. Anyway; Track time for Ford Fair 2018 for Mountune equipped cars, very cheap too. Anyone going?
  2. Ford Fair
    I have 1 stand pass and 2 Passenger tickets available £30
  3. Ford Fair
    @Clive @Derek @Graham @Amanda could you move this thread one level up into the Ford Fair thread or even into the club events section as general advice for people please & maybe consider pinning. Hopefully we can then point people...
  4. General Topic Discussion
    I bought a few of these off ebay and forgot I've got 3 over. They're great at blocking the signal from the key so they can't be cloned etc. Works fine. If you want one for nowt, come and find me tomorrow at Ford Fair. I'll be on the ProjectPuma stand off and on (seeing as I run the damn club...
  5. London and South East
    Hi all.. After waaay too long a delay in getting this sorted.. it's finally uploaded! Whilst not the most exciting from an editing perspective.. once again we can see the epicness of the convoy in full effect 8) :thumbsup: Thanks again to everyone involved in the organising and to my Dad for...
  6. Scotland South
    I Thought it would be a good idea to make a topic and start to get everyone's names down who is up for meeting at Abington Services at 9am on the Friday to head down south. 1. Saundy 2. Tony Lewis 3. FocuST500 + Group
  7. East Midlands
    Is there anyone from our area going or meeting up with other convoys to head down? As the time is aproaching fast wanted to find out who is going and where are the meeting points. ?
  8. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Hi Guys and Girls since the time is getting closer I am just looking to see who from Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City is going to Ford Fair this year, and would fancy a convoy down?
  9. Focus RS Mk2 Discussion
    Hi Guys, The Sunday evening after Ford Fair I will be heading South in my GT-R to make my way towards Le mans for a GT-R track weekend the weekend after. Problem is, coming from Scotland, im going to have to bring both of my motors to ford fair, then leave one somewhere close but handy for a...
  10. General Topic Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I am a student at Goldsmiths university doing a research project on modified cars and car culture in essex, but any one is welcome to contribute no matter where you are from! In a nutshell this is an art project. To give people the most authentic car experience. I want the...
  11. RS At Ford Fair

    My car on the Secure My Car stand at Ford Fair 2014
  12. Ford Fair
    Morning all, just wondered if anyone was on the M42/M40 route from Redditch / Birmingham for Ford Fair next week? If so is there a convoy meet up?
  13. North East, Yorkshire and the Humber
    Good Afternoon all. Are there many going to ford fair from the yorkshire area on the day? if so, wonder if we want to arrange a meeting place and convoy down, of there is not a thread already. we may also want to see about joining up with other groups, possibly the North East or Scotland on...
  14. Ford Fair
    Ford fair 2013....Whos all going and what you taking?
  15. Image, Photoshop & Video Gallery
    A few late pics from Ford Fair (see if you can spot Graeme)
  16. General Topic Discussion
    maybe i'm just not looking properly but can't find anything about ford fair on here, didn't know if anyone from bristol is going or whether as club members we get club parking?
1-16 of 21 Results